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What do you think in regards to privacy in relationships? Is it okay for partners to go through each others phone? Does keeping your phone away from partner spell infidelity? Or are these just thoughts of an insecure body in the relationship?


You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free” β€” Thich Nhat Hanh

Checking your partner phone can be good or bad, depending the on what you both define as boundaries.

Trying to be intimate with a person doesn't mean you disrespect their boundaries. Familiarity kills the bond in a relationship .

For me it's not unethical for a person to go through the partner phone without consent. The motive is more crucial than the action..
According to relationship expert lack of trust has broken more relationship than infidelity. That type of action irritate your partner. Lack of trust can manifest in different ways such as jealousy, insecurity , suspiciousness, etc.

These days there are apps that you can install to track your partner's messages, emails and social media handles...

When you snoop into your partner phone, you read an information that is confidential to your partner's client or organization, that is a breach of contract..

If you have issues arising in your mind , the best way is to have a meaningful conversation with your partner and not trying to look for what will validate your suspicion....

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