I hear people talk a lot about
cryptocurrency and truth be told at some point I wanted to venture into it but the fear of getting scammed and news of how someone can be rich today in the crypto world and poor tomorrow if not properly taken care of gives me a second thought. so I thought of getting full knowledge before attempting.


And so after much thought, I decided to move with people into it and learn. The first coin I was introduced to was a shitcoin.
A shitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency with no immediate purpose and little value but the price increases over a short period as investors begin to jump on board.

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At first, I was skeptical about it and then I realize it was a coin I could venture into with little profit and so I decided to give it a try.
Shitcoin takes time before it skyrockets and so patience is needed to deal with shitcoin.
Having little investment in it I could not complain and so I decided to be patient with it.

I remembered the first shitcoin I bought then within four weeks skyrocket and I had little profit selling it back.
With this, I became more confident and so bought more.
And so I started earning little from crypto.
At some point, the shitcoin loses value a lot and it was not encouraging so I took a break from crypto then after some time I came across hive.


Hive became another eye-opener and a lifesaver. after a long break from cryptocurrency, from loss, Hive came to my rescue. spending my time creating awareness on the things I love, getting my opinion known, and getting paid is what I call a blessing. All these could be possible all because of the invention of cryptocurrency

Venturing into the cryptocurrency world has been a mixture of loss and profit but then more of profit so cryptocurrency has been of great help

Cryptocurrency has been an eye-opener, a platform that proves to be unexpectedly gave a lot of individuals a means to earn, invest and acquire more.

Joining the cryptocurrency world has been a great step I took that came with a lot of benefits I'm not an expert, but so far the reward has been tangible.

If there was no cryptocurrency I don't know what I would have ventured into as a student.
cryptocurrency has created an opportunity

My journey through cryptocurrency has been a mixture of profit and loss but then all these are part of what makes it a journey. I hope to grow more and make more profit in the upcoming year.

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