THEME: Nigerians in the Olympics Tokyo Games 2021

Hey Hive Nigerians,

For this week's contest, we're going to be looking at the Olympics Tokyo Games. A lot has been going on with Team Nigeria and it only makes sense that as Nigerians in this Nigerian Community we share our opinion on the recent happenings.

Are you pleased with our progress so far? What has been the best moment you have observed and what's the worst? Share your thoughts with the community.

The Task

  • Create a video or writeup where you talk about Nigerians in the Olympics Tokyo Games 2021
  • Include #hivenaijaweekly #hivenaija and #naija-pob if posting through the Proofofbrain frontend to make it easy for us to find you.
  • Post a link to your entry as a comment in this post.

A few tips

  • Have fun with your post title
  • Feel free to pick any day of the week for the post
  • Share your post in the Hive Naija community.
  • Don't forget to post it on Twitter and other social media
  • For more exposure, use #hivenaija on other social media for more exposure


This week's contest is sponsored by @nonsowrites. 60 POB will be shared between the top 3 posts of this week. The reward will be divided as follows:

First place - 30 POB
Second place - 20 POB
Third place - 10 POB

**Do not forget to use the #naija-pob tag to be eligible for this reward.

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