Privacy in Relationships

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This has been one of the reasons for broken relationships or marriages. People believe they are not entitled to their relationship privacy.
Sometimes People detest checking particularly the male gender. It's Okay to give males their space sometimes, they appreciate it.


Is it okay for partners to look through one other's phones?

Strongly yes! It is alright for couples to browse through each other phones however your motivation toward checking your partner's phone is truly important. Don't check because you want to see if you're Partner is cheating, you could discover what you are seeking. Avoid suspicious notions in your thinking. The instant you start believing your lover is cheating the moment you start losing trust and no relationship can thrive without Trust.
Avoid assumptions, it may damage relationships. If you're not sure of what you observed, ask questions.

Does keeping your phone away from your lover imply infidelity?

Keeping your phone from your spouse appears like you are cheating. If there's nothing incorrect you are doing why keep away your phone from your spouse?
It's alright if you don't want to let them know about anything at a specific moment or you want to surprise them and wouldn't want them to know.

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