Nigerians And Resilience Spirit, We Don't Give Up.


Many times I wonder what a country like Nigeria would look like if we had a government that puts the well-being of the citizens first. Despite the country going through different sorts of problems ranging from inflation to insecurity and others, Nigerians don't give up.

I honestly don't know where that strength comes from because if you need to see people with top resilience spirit, Nigerian leads the race. Although there are lazy ones the citizens don't take chances or let opportunities pass them by.


Earlier today I went to get something at the garage, it wasn't 8 am yet, and there was traffic on the streets linking to major roads already.

Traffic at the garage.



It reminds me of my days working in Ikeja, we face heavy traffic to and fro and that doesn't stop us from resuming work the next day as early as 7:45 am.
Lots of people lost their job daily due to traffic and health issues due to stress but that doesn't stop us from continuing the hustle because we choose to eat from our sweat and hard work.

Bus Station with a long queue.

Survival is one thing Nigerians value a lot because we are always hopeful for a better tomorrow and I pray that the better life we seek and crave for come one day. I wasn't born in Lagos but I have spent 99.8℅ of my life in Lagos, there has been numerous development in the country but the struggles remains the same because people move into the City of Lagos every day to seek for survival.

The story is juicy to people before coming to Lagos, everyone believes it is the City of money but the money has to be worked for. We struggle for transportation, we struggle in the markets, medical centers require you to go up and down yet we don't stop or allow any of these to stop us from trying to survive.


I remembered how difficult it was during covid19, a lot of people found it difficult to survive because they live on what they earn daily.

PicsArt_05-24-05.22.41.jpg This is an image I took during the lockdown.

The people broke the lockdown protocols because they believe it is of great honor to die while trying to be successful than staying idle till death comes. Despite the threat of contracting the virus, millions of Nigerians go out daily just to earn something to care for their family.

PicsArt_09-06-01.06.53.jpgRoad cleaners doing their job already.

Hawkers preparing for their daily hustle.

Only if we had the right leaders that could have put the effort of every citizen to use by making the country great.

I overheard some commuters saying the country is damaged beyond repair, it is easy to admit to that but I believe that things wouldn't be going like this forever. I want us to always pray and hope for peace and comfort to rain again in Nigeria.

It started drizzling and I had to leave the garage but the people don't care about the rain, they are more concerned about making ends meet. I pray that Almighty God crowns the effort of every Nigerian trying to survive legally.

Please note that all images in this article belong to me. Thanks for reading.

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