Selling myself to the Hive community: Meet Damola the face behind George Dee.

George Dee doesn't sound Nigerian to many but I am always eager to tell people that I am a Nigerian who has taken blogging to heart even though I haven't been very engaging on hive due to some personal reasons I would be sharing with the platform soon.

Who is George Dee?

I came up with the name George Dee in 2019, the names were both derived from my name. I am George Damola, the "George" remains the same while "Dee" is a nickname I got from my father.

Damola is a guy in his late twenties from Ekiti state, I have spent almost all my life in Lagos and I see assume it as home since my past are all connected to the city.


All my life and education went down in Lagos, it wasn't easy to be raised by just one parent. Schooling was fun until after secondary school when I had to face the real reality of life.

I had to stay at home for 7 years working to support my mom just to put food on the table and cater for my junior ones education who was still in junior school. I worked as a teacher both during the day and in the evening for coaching, I worked as a paster in a printing press, a supervisor in a marketing company, a baker in a snacks shop, and others before I could finally save some money to help myself furthermore with my education.

I had a passion for Computer Science and it made me choose it then, little did I know it won't go smoothly without having a good account balance.


Surviving in school wasn't fun either but I went through jumping from one per time job to another and I was able to earn from taking my course mates. One thing I pursue and couldn't achieve throughout was purchasing a laptop for practical which affected, I graduated with upper credit, and thanks to my financial crisis for making me get 30 minutes to write papers after begging different superiors in school then because I couldn't meet up with school fee deadline.

It is the thought of every student to get a job immediately after school and mine wasn't different. Getting a job became something else and I had to return my hustling on the street for petty jobs, in the end, I was able to get a job I lost in 2020 due to Covid-19.

The incident got me broken but blogging paved the way for me and it brought me closer to achieving my dreams. I embraced blogging when it all started and it was the right choice for me because I met @dreemsteem, she helped me in accomplishing a lot of things that would be beneficial to not just me but to kids in my environment, and as time goes on, the opportunities would be extended to kids around the world as well because that's my goal.

I am currently working as a fish farmer and a blogger at the same time.


It is not easy switching between the two but determination has helped me maintain the two.

I am currently working on different platforms and I choose to take Hive seriously henceforth.

What to expect from me?

I write almost about everything I can think of, sports happen to be my favorite but time is not on my side to keep track of a lot of things.

I love to do photography,





I also write about health, cooking, nature, politics, crypto, motivational talks, fictional stories, and lots more.

Blogging has been part of my life now and it is hard to go a day without even though there are times I have to do it out of inconvenience but the joy in doing it is unlimited.

Sometimes I wonder why I wouldn't be addicted to blogging on crypto paying platforms like hive when I can:

Reach a large audience: Do you know how difficult it is to get your targeted audience in a whole full of quality writers and better writers than I am?

I now have people to call my readers and that gives me lots of happiness and zeal to do more.

Learn from other writers: I have learned a lot from blogging platforms and I would be an integrate if I didn't mention Uptrennd University for helping me become a better writer than I was when I started.

I have met a lot of people who have contributed to my success as a blogger and I hope people learn that blogging ain't about just posting or sharing your content, it has to do with learning from others as well.

Earn for my engagement:
This is the best part of blogging on a crypto-paying platform and I am not ashamed to say the earning means a lot to me.

Who doesn't want money?


Why did I embrace blogging?

Aside from the things I have discussed earlier, I think passion has been the key to everything I have to do with blogging.

The journey to becoming famous on platforms ain't easy and it takes people who are passionate about it to endure.


I hope I haven't bored you with my article, thanks for reading. Thanks to the sponsor of the week @nonsowrites and everyone who contributed to the success of the community.

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