Let's Talk About Privacy In A Relationship

It was a trend on Twitter that had many individuals clamoring to input their opinions. So, we want to hear YOUR thoughts Hive Nigerians. What do you think in regards to privacy in relationships? Is it okay for partners to go through each other's phone? Does keeping your phone away from a partner spell infidelity? Or are these just thoughts of an insecure body in the relationship? Let us READ your thoughts.

A relationship is supposed to be a union of two individuals who have declared interest in each other and to build a future together. If this union is expected to survive time and the vicissitudes of life, then trust needs to be one of the practices within the relationship. Personally, I don't go through my partner's phone even if I have access to it, that's because I'm sensitive and I don't like to feel hurt. And I don't keep my phone away from my partner. I went through my partner's phone once, and I almost shed tears because I realized I was just a side guy, she never knew I did and I never told her about it.

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Is it Okay to go through each other's phones?

It's okay to go through each other's phone, but if we're able to handle whatever we see with maturity, abstaining is healthier. Sometimes, the messages could be some trivial wooing by guys, or some flirty talk that doesn't count, or maybe a picture sent to a friend, if not well understood becomes a problem. Even though it's okay to go through a partner's phone, it should be for mature minds. I can intentionally go through my partner's phone if only I have the urge to feel sad because there's always a message that could cause a stir.

Does Keeping away phone from a partner spell infidelity?

Yes! Why keep a phone away from a partner if there's nothing secret you don't want the other partner to see. The truth is, we can't know everything about our partners if they want to keep it a secret. But we can sense infidelity from one's actions. I believe the one person who should know at least 70% about you is your partner, why keep away your phone if you're faithful.

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