Amidst Dilemma

An option is giving to me to choose between long life and wealth, even though the number of years I'll live afterward is not stated, I'll go for wealth. Not because I'm desperate for riches but because long life isn't fun in misery and poverty. I believe every man is created to fulfill a purpose, this purpose is not necessarily tied to long life, but may directly or indirectly be tied to wealth. Money the bible says "answereth all things", and this includes joy and peace of mind, if one doesn't marry a jezebel. Long life can even be a nightmare if one lives in poverty all the days of his miserable life.

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I'll give two reasons why I'll choose wealth over a long life.

1.Death Is Inevitable but not everyone would enjoy riches: At the end of everything here on earth, one fate awaits us all. It doesn't matter when it comes, what matters is to live life to its fullest and in godliness before it comes knocking. Long life would only add to my misery when everyone I know no longer exists and I'm left to face the world all by myself. Unlike long life that isn't eternal life, not everyone is destined to become wealthy , I'll be glad to accept a rare opportunity and make an impact with it.

2.Wealth Brings one to a place of advantage: The bible tells a story of a wise man who in his wisdom saved a city, but he was not remembered because he was poor. Wealth brings one to a point of advantage, an advantage to be remembered for something. One can live for 700 years and not be remembered for anything while another person may live for a few years and be remembered for a lifetime. A short life with wealth can leave behind legacies that wouldn't be erased easily.

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