Resuscitating Dead Friendships

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Some times ago, I was cleaning up my room when I came across a purse I fancied so much when I was in the university. It was looking dusty and I wanted to flip it inside the waste bin without even checking the contents. On a second thought, I opened all the zips and I came across a letter a friend wrote to me in class that he would be leaving the class that he have somewhere important to go to. He asked me to write his name in case the lecturer demands for an attendance. I didn't even remember keeping the letter in my purse - it's something I should have thrashed after reading.



However, something strucked me after reading the letter one more time. I remembered how close we use to be, how we attend one lecture to the other in the company of three other friends of ours. It brought back a lot of memories. It is more heartbreaking that we haven't spoken in a long time. It is so crazy how distance, time and other circumstances make close friends lose contact with each other.

I got to understand the saying that "20 friends cannot be together for 20 years". In fact, it is not even up to 10 years and everyone have gone their seperate ways. We all have new friends, new cliques that we spend our time talking and hanging out with.

I had to call some of my old friends and know how they are doing, what they are doing and catch up with old times. It was a memorable one as we had quite a lot to talk about. One peculiar thing during the course of the calls was that we'd still ask each other if they still talk to another person. For instance, "Q: When last did you hear from Sandra? A: It's being a long time we last spoke..."

Some were surprised to get a call from me, some screamed at the top of their voice, while a few were not sure about the reason for the call that came from nowhere (I had the feeling that someone felt I placed the called for financial reasons and I wasn't surprised, anyways). It's very rare to see calls these days especially from an old friend that you've not been communicating for years and it should not be linked with financial assistance.

Well, the bone of contention is about how often do we check up on our friends? Do we let it go once we are no longer in the same space? Or we still make attempts to know how they are faring.

Sometimes, a simple phone call or text doesn't kill.

On that day, I felt so much relief and I was happy those phone calls were made. We had a lot of undiluted chats that brought back memories.

I urge you to call someone you haven't talked to in a long time and see how elated they would be hearing from you and if it's the other way around, don't be discouraged.

Thank you for your time lovelies.
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