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The thoughts of our mind are very powerful and it could be likened to how powerful a sword or an arrow is in the hand of a warrior. It is invisible, and unseen yet very potent. The life of a person can be controlled by the thoughts they have in their mind, be it positively or negatively.

Our actions, behavior and attitude are a reflection of the thoughts in our mind. The first process that occur before we act is that we'd think about it first, then followed by the actual actions.

The company we keep, the environment, the type of places we visit and so on can influence our thoughts badly. When we have disrupted or bad thoughts it may lead to events or situations that may be unpleasant if attention is not paid to them. We often get our thoughts polluted when someone hurt us, when we fail at something.


A person whose thoughts are disrupted may regrets his or her actions if care is not taken because at that point you'd want to reply people with harsh words, make irrational decisions which could cost so much. It is advisable to be calm and choose your words right at such moments.

Try as much as you can not to speak too fast as you may not be able to compose your words well and you may end up saying things that you do not mean. It is during periods like this that you'd talk in a rude manner to people till they are hurt and it may hunt you down through the rest of your life.

I have always tried to practice comporting myself when I realized how disastrous it could be to act when my thoughts are not settled. Our thoughts should be transmitted in the best manner and we should be careful not to let momentary emotions becloud our judgment and reactions.

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