If I Win One Million Hive : A HIveNaija Contest Entry.

A lot of people have won the lottery in the past, to the tune of millions of dollars, many have misused this money because it came all of a sudden, some were lucky enough to find a very good business to invest it in that ended up changing their life for good. The difference is the planning, a proper planning or financial discipline can aid anyone never to misuse any money that comes in in million unprepareds for.

There is a contest by @hivenaija about what I’ll do if I’m given 1,000,000 Hive which is $700,000 stating the Hive price at $0.7. Well, this is a whooping large sum of money but I’m going to try as much as possible to judiciously use it.

First, I’ve always wanted to belong to a Crypto trading signal group on telegram, but the cost of joining is $500 and I’ll need capital up to $1000 to start with too. Settling down with this will be my starting point as I’ve already had this as my 2021 goal. The inability to fulfil this is already making me power down my Sportstalksocial Stake which is at 12M Sports staked. I am running against time and this $700,000 will make dreams comes to reality.

$700,000 - $1,500 = $698,500 or 997,857 Hive.

Now that we are left with $698,500, my next ambition is coming to reality, a full-scale livelihood on the Hive blockchain. This is done by dividing my Hive by the amount of Hive business I want to dive into, which are Hive and its second layer token, namely: Hive, Palnet, Neoxian, Leo, Sportstalk and ProofofBrain. I will divide the remaining 997,857 Hive by these six Hive layers and they come at
997,857 / 6 = 166,309 Hive each.

Therefore, 166,309 Hive is staked as HIVE POWER, 166,309 Hive is used to buy Leo, another 166,309 Hive is used to buy Neoxian, another LEO for sportstalk, Proofofbrain and Palnet and staked.

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This means with 166,309 Hive, I have roughly 2Billion Sports staked, +630,000 POB staked, 95,033,714 Neoxian. 2,558,940 Palnet and 4,835,401 LOE staked. You can imagine how many upvotes these accounts will be giving out every day, week and month and the amount of curation reward projected to come in monthly. This is passive income at its best.

Look for a good consistent content creator to curate and passively earn from the curation reward. I’ve seen the power of having your money work for you while you’re asleep and I solely believe this is one of those ways to make that possible. I can imagine the amount coming to me each day as a curation reward from this Hive second layer. I’m in money for real.

Lastly, I’ve wanted to bring in my siblings here but assurance of support has been an issue, what will be my gain if I introduce them here and their post lays naked at $0.00 post payout reward. I’ve seen what happen to newbies here and knows for sure it’s not encouraging. The best that can happen is to have these newbies supported with good upvotes as they drop their quality posts. Now that I have millions of Hive second layer tokens and Hive Power itself, now I can reward and encourage them daily.

Some might wonder why I’m not having any one of them in off-chain business, the reason is that many off-chain businesses are liable to risk and government regulations that are meant to snuff the life out of starts up and businesses. I’ve been living on income from the blockchain for more than three years now and I can categorically say that the blockchain pays far better than off-chain works. That is why I’m putting all my eggs in this one basket called Hive.

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THEME: What would you do with A Million Hive?

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