Cakes, drinks, gifts and check out my Hive teacup.

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It felt like Christmas morning when I woke up to do some work in the office and my wife showed me my birthday cake.


As if that wasn't awesome enough, I also got gifts from @ebingo and @young-boss-karin.


Karina got me a perfume that has me smelling real good. After that, I also saw this cool Hive mug that @ebingo got for me.

My neighbour's kids were around and they got some cake. We also watched Power rangers for a while but kids have very short attention span and don't really care about anything but cake 😄.

Another of my friend got us drinks. I resisted to temptation to get shitfaced, and only indulged a little.

My friend @thelonegreywolf also came over and we played video game. We got so carried away by the game, he forgot to take some cake.

I got a lot of phone calls and felt really loved. Generally speaking, it was a nice day and in grateful for life.

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