My favorite place in Nigeria



I'm not one who has traveled to many places, but I can say Nigeria is a very beautiful place. It is filled with a lot of natural beauty, and tourist attractions. I've visited some beautiful places like, Lagos (currently here), Kaduna, Niger, Ogun, and many more but my favorite place in Nigeria is Abuja.

The first time I went to Abuja during my secondary school days. I went to a boarding school at the outskirts of the city. As a result a lot of my mates were from there. They'd usually organize meet ups during the holidays at various malls and amusement parks which I'd always miss out on. This made me wish I was staying in Abuja. And even after school, I still wish I was staying there. I don't really have any precise reason, but it could be the fact that I have a couple of friends there, or the beauty of the city in general.

Best Places to visit in Abuja
They are a lot of fun places to visit in the city of Abuja, but I don't think you can compound a list without finding a way to fit in the Jabi Lake Mall.



It is a very large mall located near a lake called Jabbi Lake. Like most malls, it is filled with restaurants, stores, a cinema. But one of the things that make it stand out among the others is the view of the lake. Back then, this was the number one meet-up place for my friends.



There's also the Nike art gallery. The art gallery is somewhat a museum to showcase african history. It has various paintings and sculptures, and a lot of people go there to have a feel of what life was like, in the past.



If you're also looking to just take a breath of fresh air, or have a picnic, you could visit the millennium park. It's a public Park, so toh don't have to pay to get in.

There are a lot more, such as the Zuma rock, dunes, almat farms, magic land, and many more.

If I'm to go to Abuja, my first thought will be to meet up with all my friends over there.



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