I am writing New Year's cards. / 年賀状を書いています (ENG/JPN)

The image is part of the address side of a New Year's postcard.

I am writing a New Year's card. I wonder if other countries send Christmas cards. Nowadays, people say that New Year's postcards are a form of false courtesy, and with the development of the Internet, the number of people who do not send New Year's postcards is increasing. I used to write many New Year's cards when I was working for a company, but now I write only about 20.

By the way, I saw the term "New Year's greeting cards are done" trending on Twitter today. I didn't know what it meant, so I looked it up and found out that it means to stop sending New Year's greeting cards, and for that purpose, people go to the trouble of sending a postcard saying, "I have decided to refrain from sending New Year's greeting cards as of this year. I think it's fine to send New Year's cards as you wish.

I like to draw pictures, so I send out my own New Year's cards.
I like to make them with prints best, but my New Year's card for 2023 is digital because of my busy schedule.
I learned from someone who is a picture-painting teacher that, essentially, the essence of picture-painting is all in a New Year's greeting card. The words "Happy New Year" are written in a concise manner and accompanied by pictures of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, making it a truly festive form of picture paper.

I also think it would be interesting to turn New Year's cards into mail art. You can make various collages, draw small pictures, stamp them, and so on.
I would like to continue to send out New Year's cards that are fun to make and also delightful to receive.

I plan to show the designs for the 2023 New Year's cards on New Year's Day 2023, so please look forward to them.

Akiko Yada's exhibition "If you get an inspiration"
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会場:ガレリア・レイノ本店内 トミタ画廊ANNEX
(広島県広島市中区上幟町11-46 幟町中学校前信号交差点角)
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