“The River of Stars Part 18 星の川 パート18” Translation and Cut Paper Art 翻訳と切り絵

“The River of Stars Part 18"

I created this cut paper art, background, and translated it. This background and cut paper art are one of my favorite scenes from this story. The wolf Kekouani is very sad because her pups are not coming back. However, Kekouani's howling is very beautiful.

This cut paper art is also a paper collage style. Kekouani's sad howling is becoming sad music and it mixes and vibrates with the northern lights and trees, and all kinds of nature. The northern lights are also becoming a sad aurora and go up to the sky and universe. I think wolves howling have such power which is like Kotodama in Japanese. Kotodama means literally, word spirit or soul. It means power word, magic word, or power of language. I wanted to express Kotodama for this scene. Also, the actual words on the picture in English and Japanese are becoming Kotodama for this story I hope.

"星の川 パート18”



About Kotodama 言霊についてはコチラ: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotodama

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