“Decluttering Language 言語の捨て活”


“Decluttering Language”

I wrote about declaring my artwork before. I donated my artwork with clothes, shoes, and more stuff the other day including books and dictionaries. I hope someone can reuse them.

I wrote "Decluttering Language” for the title. Literally I got rid of my dictionaries. Nowadays, we don't need to use book dictionaries all the time. I use the internet or digital dictionaries almost all the time.

“Then, why did I keep my heavy book dictionaries?”

I know why. I kept heavy memories behind the dictionaries. I decided to throw my book dictionaries away this time. I kept only Japanese dictionaries because I am still using them for my Japanese lessons sometimes. I think I will also get rid of them someday in the future because I use the internet and electronic dictionaries more often. I got rid of language with my dark memories! I feel much lighter.







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