One month since my daughter turned to be 99% vegetarian / 子どものベジタリアン宣言から1ヶ月


About a month ago, my daughter said that she wanted to change her kindergarten lunch also to vegetarian. At home we have been eating vegetarian meals since last autumn.

My daughter may become a vegetarian

My partner talked to her kindergarten and changed her lunch to vegetarian. Excuse me to my daughter I had a kind of doubt that she may change her mind and we may have to change it again.

Unlike to my guess, overall the transition was smooth. In the beginning she said "It was fish but I ate something different." I asked her "did you want to eat the same?" she answered "Ja." I asked "Do you want to change the lunch to flex?" She said "No." She just continue having her vegetarian lunch.

But according to her teachers she eats gummy bears. We are asked that they can give her gummy bears so my partner said "if she wants". We would leave it to her decision whether she becomes completely a vegetarian or not.

Next generation may have different mindset. She cares about environment already ... When she wanted to have a skirt with synthetic fiber, I informed her "cotton is more comfortable and synthetic fiber may not be good for the environment." She didn't cry and just gave it up. It works for other things too.

I'll see and write about how she is doing in the near future again :)



子どもが言い出して父ちゃんがさっそく給食をベジタリアンに変更しましたが、私は気が変わって、また変更するだろうなあ・・・と思っていました。子どもよ、ごめん 😅




子どもはなんだかもう環境に気を配っています・・・。化学繊維のスカートを欲しがったとき、私は「綿の方が快適だし、化学繊維は環境によくないかもしれないよ」(綿もまあアレだけれど・・・)と言うと、泣くことなく、スカートを諦めました。この「環境によくない」というのはお菓子などほかにもいろいろ有効です 😅


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