Mediterranean town "Gata" by Deadly_Hunter

Welcome to Gata

Welcome everyone!
As my first post I would like to show my mediterranean town "Gata" and its part of bigger project called "Vemislavia" created by many builders on minecraft server
Whole process of building took roughtly 4 months. The city was inspired on many cities from Croatia, Italy, France and Spain.
View from mountains
When creating that city I focused on recreating the feeling of old mediterranean towns instead of architecture and becouse of that you can see picturesque alleys bustling with life, historical buildings and tourists attractions, beautiful landscapes and many more.
Other than that I also made my town alive by adding signs of citizens living there like plants and furnitures on balconies, shops filled with goods for tourists and restaurants awaiting guests.
View from main steet
Main promenade
Main street
Square in front of church
Second square
Small chapel
other than atmosphere and life, third element - history was also added to help bring summer atmosphere.
You can see remnants of ancient Greek civilisation, Turkish bath or some statues of town's heroes.
Old church
Ancient Greek settlement
Turkish baths

Hope you like it. Here are some more photos:

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