Candlesticks and the psychology : Part-3

Introducing the structure of candlesticks


Shadow & BODY


Shadows are another important part of candlesticks that are important in interpreting market psychology.

Note: Long shadows usually refer to the emotional state of the market.

BODY deals with the distance between the beginning and the end of trading, which should be paid much attention in market psychology.

Note: Like the shadows, the candlestick body is one of the organs that is influential in psychology.

How to use candlesticks

Given that each candlestick represents four important information about the market situation, so it is possible to examine the market situation from a psychological perspective according to the position of all four elements relative to each other.

A very important point in examining candlesticks:
Before doing anything, first check the status of the process ...((In the uptrend we will only have buying in the break and in the downtrend we will only have the market in the break))

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2 columns
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