Woman Avoids Robbery By Using… A Sex Toy

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When one is in danger, any method of self-defense, no matter how bizarre it may be, is valid. Safety is worth everything.

A video recently went viral in which a man can be seen entering a Sex Shop, approaching the cash register, and chatting with the site’s employee. Everything seems like a regular exchange, it seems to be a normal customer, however, this woman quickly realizes that the man was only talking to her as a method of distraction for him to be able to steal from her.

Upon realizing it, the woman with no hesitation whatsoever decides to jump into action and defend herself against it. For that, she used the first tool she found: a sex toy.

The incident occurred in Novokuznetsk, Russia, and has already traveled the world through social media. In the local security cameras, the employee can be seen using a rubber penis as a weapon with which she manages to repeatedly hit the intruder in the head. The frightened man begins to run towards the door with the enraged woman behind him lifting a sex toy, throwing blows, and yelling at him.

The woman was covering her night shift at the sex shop when the subject entered and later threatened her with a knife. Although many praised her bravery and congratulated her, others found her reaction quite amusing.

Many Twitter users left funny comments and puns referring to the peculiar episode. After managing to remove the assailant from the premises, the employee returned to her post, picking up some of the items that fell on the path of the pursuit, she even appeared to be calmed.

Many people have affirmed that it is a staged scene and not credible because they cannot believe that a person acts so quickly and coldly in a situation of real danger.

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