My song cover of 心欲止水, my hand sketched illustration of the nine tailed fox deity and short drama review: "Three lives Three worlds, the Pillow Book"

Good morning dear Hive-bloggers...

After months I finally have the mood to sing again ☺️.
This song is the original soundtrack of a Chinese drama made based on a very popular novel in China called "三生三世枕上书 aka Three lives three worlds, the Pillow Book" (aired at 2020).
This is the sequel of the popular drama and novel written by the same author Tangqi Gongzi : 三生三世十里桃花 aka Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

You can watch the video of me singing the soundtrack of the drama here:
Title: 心欲止水 'Heart Desire at Peace'

The original music video of this song can be found here (with lyric and english translation):
Original singer: Zhang Bichen (张碧晨)

Both books and the dramas are very good. I have watched them twice and haven't got bored yet 😅.
The actors and actresses are.. beautiful and played the characters well.
Dilreba Dilmurat is such a stunning beauty and can perfectly portray the mischievous, cute red 9 tailed fox deity: the future queen of Qingqiu.

She is from Uighur tribe, that's why her name doesn't sound chinese and her look is not the typical chinese look either.
Vengo Gao Wei Guang is also the best actor to present the icy stone faced Donghua Dijun and I must say that Vengo Gao with white hair looks more attractive than with black hair 😊.
The chemistry between the main casts is sooo wonderful and the costumes are gorgeous too.

We will be brought to tears and laughters through the story.
I am not a believer, nevertheless I love mythology no matter from which culture they come.
I love Greek mythology, Roman, Chinese and naturally those from my own country too "Indonesia".
You can call it nonsensical fantasy but still it also takes talent to create such magnificent works afterall.

Talking about this drama/book again: It is telling us the love story of the nine tailed fox queen "Bai Fengjiu" with The Lord and pilar of the whole realm "Donghua Dijun", which stretched into 3 life times of them.
The believers among Chinese folks have faith in reincarnation and that god and goddesses must go through suffering in human realms to experience the hardship of human beings before gaining more power and be promoted into a higher status.
Sometimes the immortals must go through the suffering caused by 7 emotions and 6 desires in the human realm as a form of punishment too.

In this drama this journey is necessary for Donghua to recover from his injury after fighting with the evil Demon Lord and using his cultivation to save the life of his general's daughter from a strong poison.
Bai Fengjiu was once also saved by Donghua and followed him around using her true form as a pet and continue on following him to mortal realm to help him overcoming his trial as a repayment of her life debt.

The entanglement in the mortal realm had made her fallen into a deeper affection which gave her a broken heart as the celestial emperor has always been known as an emotionless orphan who never knew what love was.

I wouldn't tell more about the story to not spoil the fun in watching the drama in case any of you are interested to enjoy it too to ease the boredom of having to stay at home because of the pandemic 😉.
There are many platforms to watch it online for free with English and even German and some other eurepean language as subtitles, for example in YouTube or Viki.

I can share one link to the show here:

Don't bother to think about logic while watching this, it is afterall a fantasy genre story so there is no logical explanation for things described here.
Nevertheless there are things to learn too here and there since we all know that China had great philosophers like Konfucius or Mencius for example. Buddhism and Taoism also have great teaching.

Naturally not all their teaching are still suitable for modern values, nevertheless it is undeniable that many of them are still good stuffs to enlighten our soul.
Moreover... Learning about cultures of another folks is a way to broaden our mind.

Aside of singing one of the song I love the most from the show, I also draw an illustration image of the beautiful deity.
I am still not so good in sketching a portrait by the way 😊, so it may not resemble Dilreba so much 😅.

Thanks for the support and see you soon in my next post ❤️🙏😘.