Meh~~ My First NFT experience on Solana: Solsheep 🐑🐑 NFT初體驗:Solana上的Solsheep... 咩~~~~

Accidentally I came across this new NFT project minting a few days back - Solsheep on Solana.

As I am both intrigued to explore more about Solana the emerging chain as well as the hottest topic in crypto town - NFT, I decided to give it a try and bought some freshly minted Solsheeps 🐑🐑 - each costing 0.5 Sol, roughly $75 recently. That's even before DYOR. Well, this is crypto. Ape in is the only way to get involved. 😂

最近覺得新崛起的公鏈Solana很值得進一步探索,然後也對於最近爆熱門的NFT很有興趣,於是偶然間碰上這個Solana上要發行的NFT,看起來很瞎,應該有潛力😂,所以我就傻傻衝進去買了兩隻~~~~ 瞎買是玩幣之必然。一隻羊要75刀呢~~~~


I am gonna share with you how I bought/minted a few of them and some twists after this. Pixel element is popular for these NFT projects. Pretty doped.



SocialFi NFT? HODL-to-earn? hmm, new terms everyday. I guess a social element is in its design and ... the sheep is a security in SEC standard. lol

BTW, it sounds they should come to #Hive as we are the social blockchain. 😉

頁面顯示SocialFi NFT跟HODL-to-earn這些詞彙... 社交NFT,持有就賺錢,酷喔~~~ 呵呵,不知道是什麼東西,慢慢來研究。他們應該來Hive宣傳一下,這裡就是社交大本營啊~~~~


Paid 0.5 Sol each... What!? 0.51197 Sol? Why? Fees? Dunno. lol

一隻0.5 Sol, 還有些手續費吧~~~


Shortly after minting began, the Solsheep discord became a chaos and every channel disappeared, random texts emerged and people were panicked of a possible rug-pull. Too early to pull I thought... They were not too greedy 🤣

But it turned out to be an attack and the team tried hard to resume order. They still exist today and are doing many promotions. What a scare! 😅




Shortly Solsheeps are listed on Solsea - Opensea on Solana. Also my first time using this kind of platform. This NFT market looks cool. NFT looks fun. I just don't know how to make money out of it. lol

很快Solsheep就可以在Solsea上交易,這是Solana上的Opensea概念。就是NFT二手交易市場。看起來很庫耶~~~ 原來NFT就是這樣有趣的感覺~~~~


Hope my sheeps bring me some luck. But I am not gonna sell them any time soon. Need them to navigate me in this NFT sea! Meh~~~~ 🐑🐑

希望我的羊兒們為我帶來財運。這些NFT我真是一頭霧水,羊兒帶我錢進吧!咩咩~~~ 🐑🐑


Two days later, I came across a very cheap and rare Solsheep - with laser eyes and smoking etc - that should at least cost 2-3 Sols was selling for 0.1 Sol and I got greedy and bought it without checking every details...

Turns out it's a fake. Gosh... everything looks alike except creator's address. So after I got it in my sol wallet, I felt suspicious and found out this...

The Solsea policy states that they are very strict about selling fakes and this may lead to cancellation of your account (associated with your email). So I gave up the bad idea of selling it again and reported this.

Thinking that I lost 0.1 Sol, though not much, I am surprise d to receive this email from Solsea that they will refund me. Cool! This really boost my confidence on this platform! I got a fake Solsheep as souvenir in my wallet and money back! woohoo~~~~ ❤️ NFT!


後來幾天我都有關注Solsheep動態,然後慢慢價格穩定一點,偶爾去逛逛市場,然後撞見一隻羊,超級稀有羊,既有laser eyes又抽菸的,應該很值錢才對,竟然只賣0.1 Sol,我一時貪心手快,立馬買入... 買後就覺得怪怪的,回頭去看才發現創作者地址跟我其他第一手買入的羊不同。我就知道我買到假貨了!!😤 本來是很想再掛出,賣給下一個笨蛋,說不定還賺一點,但我看了Solsea的政策對於賣假貨很嚴格(但你們上架假貨是不是也有責任?),我就不敢了。忍痛認賠,然後檢舉這隻假羊。



Check out Solsheep if you are interested:

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