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Hello everybody!
In the afternoon, my family suddenly wanted to eat spaghetti. Yesterday I bought some vegetables in the supermarket. After I checked my stock in fridge, I decided to cook Asparagus Tomato Pasta for them.
Now let me share with you my home-cooked vegetarian meal, Asparagus Tomato Pasta. The ingredients include asparagus, carrots, King Oyster Mushrooms, vegan cheesy sausages, and corianders, and of course spaghetti. The condiments are: tomato sauce, chili powders, and salt.

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First, rinse asparagus, carrot, corianders and King Oyster Mushrooms, and then cut into small pieces.

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After the water boiling, can put in spaghetti to cook for 5 minutes, then add in carrots to cook for 2 minutes, and then add King Oyster Mushrooms and asparagus to cook for 2 minutes.

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接着,就可以放入番茄酱,少许辣椒粉,和盐, 搅拌好,大约2分钟就完成了。

Then can add in tomato pasta sauce, a little of chili powder and salts, stirring well for 2 minutes, then it is ready to be served.

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My family like the taste of corianders so much. It also one of the nutrient vegetable. Therefore I added a little corianders to cook for 30 seconds before it ready to serve.

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After serving, add some green corianders to garnish of this Asparagus Tomato Pasta.

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Hopefully you like this home-cooked vegetarian meal, Asparagus Tomato Pasta.
May you and your family have an enjoyable weekend.
Stay safe and healthy always wherever you are.
Thank you for reading!

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