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I Bought a Car Thanks to Hive! 😏 Without a Power Down


No, it wasn't only from my posting rewards, cause well, I don't make that much on my posts 🤣😅 and because I also buy food and other stuff, but it was all from my work on the Hive Blockchain.

Starting on Hive was like…

I created my account almost 4 years ago on January 2018, trying to seek easy money instead I ended up pregnant and fat. So, yeah be aware the blockchain can get you pregnant if you are not careful, look I joined on January 10 by January 18 I got pregnant… so, yeah after my introduction was paying out… you have been warned!

After the first few months of not being successful, I finally understood what was happening, our blockchain is a social one, you need to socialize to be successful in it, is not just posting and waiting for the votes to come falling on your lap from the sky. You actually need to put in effort and work in to get to know the right people and make yourself known as well.

Meeting the right people

I also learned that the blockchain is a huge ecosystem full of opportunities, that go way beyond just making a post on your blog and monetize your content that way, having the global reach that Hive has allows you to meet people from all over the world and if you let them see your ability to do hard work, support, and just simply be of any kind of help in their project you can gain so much more by working with them and not just form your posting rewards, game playing or using any dapps on the blockchain you can also gain a job! Of course, you need to be of help in making that project a success.

Joining the MinnowSupport Project

This was the turning point for me on the blockchain, I was pregnant feeling like a whale and not because I had the wallet, and was all around miserable (pregnancy hit me like a train) I was not being successful with my posting and needed something to make pass my time while I was in bed all day because I didn’t want to do anything.

That is how I got to the PALNet discord server, I was bored and starting chatting in the general chat to help me practice my English (that stills a LOT work on, sorry for my bad English!) and to help me pass the time, I started to learn so much SO SO Much about the blockchain, from the people that I met there, I started to help out too I felt the need to repay the help I was getting by helping back.

I don't think I will fully understand how Hive works (and not just technically but like socially and in all aspects) but being with this group of people has helped me understand it so much more than I did at first.

Making Hive my full-time job

I'm a lawyer, I graduated in 2017 but to be honest, I lack experience in the field and since I got pregnant in early 2018 is not like I was going to be able to find a job that would allow me to gain more experience at that moment, also I live in Venezuela as many of you know and well the economical situation here is crazy to not get into detail. So, the blockchain came to me at right the perfect time, since I couldn’t get a job, my profession was not making me gain much and my Boyfriend was just gaining minimal wage at that time (here that is around 2 to 3 $ a month).

I can’t say I was making a lot from posting, cause back them when we were at the old chain, with the coin price being so low and with the curation rules completely different it was hard to gain a lot in a post. Yet since I didn’t have another choice, I stuck with the blockchain, through the ugly time when the coin price was at 0.16 and lower, yet when it was time for me to have my baby and I found out I need to have a c-section, the blockchain again help me out, one community member had read my story and help me out paying part of the bill from the Red Cross where I have my baby. so yeah, I have the blockchain for being able to pay my c-section and have my baby without any stress at all.

After the baby was born I became a stay-at-home mom, since I didn’t have anyone to take care of the kid for me and I was breastfeeding on demand it was not like I could leave him to go to a job outside of our house. So, I just stuck with Hive, I continued to make posts and networking being part of the awesome mods of PALNet.

Hive has allowed me to buy food for my family and diapers, medicine, and more for my baby. so, I continue to work hard teaching people about our blockchain and helping the projects I'm part of.

logo_header1_transparent.png http://nftshowroom.comlensy logo.png http://lensy.iodublup_final_logo_blackbg.png

projects by the PALNet team

In comes NFTShowroom, Lensy and DublUp

Again, getting to know the right people can get you places, and the PALNet group of people is one of the most talented and smart group of people I was lucky to meet, and not only that but we are kind of like a family at this point, we will build a castle and will all go live in PALNet land LMAO. Being part of this group has allowed me to be part of the creations of some successful projects, others not so much but that we will eventually get there.

By being part of this I has allows me to have economical freedom I didn’t know I would be able to have just by being part of the blockchain. And that is how I manage to get myself a car!

Buying a Car thanks to Hive

For my job in the different projects I'm involved in Hive, I get to pay, is not like a lot and I'm not complaining but is not like I will become rich overnight or anything like that but, for a stay-at-home mom like myself who lives in a country where the minimum monthly wage is 2 to 3 US $, the money I make with these projects plus the money make from posting and from playing games on the blockchain, has allowed me to make a dream come true.

I bought my first car! This is something that was possible thanks to Hive, to get to know the blockchain beyond just the blog dapp, to networking, and to hard and constant work. To top it all up, I manage to do it without a single power down!

You’ll see networking again plays an important part here, not only I was able to get pay for the job I do on some projects on Hive, cause of the people I got to meet, but I also know a super sweet and super awesome guy that has a bank of a lot of things sometimes is a brawling bank, sometimes is a fruit bank lol @neoxian is a old-time hive user and witness that is also part of the original founding members of Minnowsupport, getting to know him to allow me to ask for a loan to actually buy the car. Since otherwise, it would have taken me a little bit of time to come up with the whole amount of money to do the buying or I would have to make a power down and that is something I have never done in the whole time I have in the blockchain. You can see the awesome contract that was made on the blockchain for its immutability Here

Not Powering Down

Being a parent you know you want what is best for your kids and want to protect their future, being a parent in Venezuela is hard cause sometimes you don't know if you will be able to provide for them the way you want to and the way they need you to in the future, so for me, that is what the Hive Power that I have means, is my kid’s saving account, now I know with the volatility of crypto this may not be a normal way to save money for the future but, is the way manage to do it and so far I have only seen a good gain on it. So far, I have managed to make over 8255 HP all on my own completely organically from posting alone and I consider that not my money but my kids, so not doing a power down even tho is hard sometimes cause knowing I have that money there and not use it is hard to believe me! But I have managed to do it to keep that HP intact and safe there for my kid’s future, knowing he has it there in case of an emergency or for when he needs it makes me feel calmer and relax.

Is not a Lambo but It gets me places!

In crypto people always is asking for their coins to the moon in price to be able to buy themselves the more expensive car in most cases this is a Lamborghini. Now again not complaining but the money I make on Hive hasn’t yet allowed me to buy a Lambo, mostly I think because I really don't like them LMAO, I prefer a Bentley. But truth be told since I do have other expenses like a 3-year-old boy who just started preschool, I ended up buying my sister used car.

a Daewoo Racer


You can read more about it on the Wikipedia page because I don't know how to speak car language
If I manage to make my boyfriend post again, he may tell the stories about fixing the little things that the car had going for being a little old, is from 1997 so as expected all old cars have little things to fix all the time, but to be honest, is not only a saver on gas but also for being that old is in pretty good conditions mechanically.

As for the exterior is a little hit on the sides and the paint could use some help, but the interiors are perfect and again it takes me where I want to go.

I actually bought it over 2 months ago, but didn’t want to make this post until today because I made the last and final payment for the loan yesterday.


Having a Car in Venezuela is fun

And not in the good way fun, more like in OMG gas is expensive and can’t be found anywhere without a huge line to fill the tank way.
But it also allows me take my kid to places without having to use the public transportation that is not only hard to find too in Venezuela but in this pandemic’s times actually dangerous.
Having a Car makes my life easier even tho I don't actually drive myself; my boyfriend is our chuffer LOL. I do know I need to learn but I refuse to do it on a manual Car I need an automatic.

My next goal on Hive

To improve my car to an automatic model, right now we are very happy with our current wheels but to make it easier on me to learn to drive we want to see if we can later on buy an automatic who is also not as old so it decreases the likelihood of having mechanical problems, it may take me a while but I'm sure if I work hard, I will get there!

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My Advice when it comes to Hive the Blockchian

Get to know the platform you are using on the daily basics, do networking, come out of your comfort zone, learn all there is to learn about the blockchain, know there is more than just the blogging dapp, be constant, patience, and work hard, but above all don't try and play smart ass on the reward pool you can gain far more and better by doing things right, cause in the chain there are people like me who have benefitted from it so much we are always on the lookout to protect our beloved blockchain from abusers.

As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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