My Journey to the Hive blockcain

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The Hi from Hive is where you talked about your experience on hive.

I joined the hive blockchain on January 25, 2021 and since then I have had a lot of development in my ideas.


Development of writing skills:

I used to be poor in writing, but you know as they said.

that practice make perfect, when I first hop in here, it wasn't all that good but as times goes on I became to see the real me in me.

changes begins to take place within me.
I started seeing my writing elevated from one point to another.


The secret behind my hive username:

Now, the secret behind my name here on hive is that.

I was really confused when I joined this platform, I keep on asking myself questions each and everyday.

before I could create an account it took me more than three days, and after so many research and I was able to create account here on hive, I decided to name my account @repayme4568

Now, I gave my hive handle repayme4568 because I got inspiration from three different angles:

I got inspiration from Nature, which is what I love most and if you look at my hive contents, it is full of natural post.

Inspiration from Spirituality: this also is one of the reasons behind my handle here on hive, because those moments I was unable to set up my hive account, I used to have some night mare about hive community that triggers to the name.

Inspiration from the Block chain: lastly, The hive blockchain community itself also serves as an inspiration to my hive handle, because I used to come on hive as anonymous and check on user's activities and the names that is allowed in the Hive community.


My experience with the users on hive ecosystem:

Having to meet many people from different places is a kind of blessings, at first it wasn't easy for me, I find it very difficult to relate with one another.

especially when I see posts that are written and published in languages other than English, like Chinese, Spanish and French.

being a newbie here, I did not know what to do, but as times goes on.

I thought of an App, that I could be using to translate those posts written in other language other than English to a more understanding language to me being English.

I downloaded Google transactor and it did help me a lot, Google transactor read the message sent by the user posting in other languages.
And translate it in English for my understanding.

My coding performance and experience:

Hive blockcain is such a platform that you own your contents and also gives respect (value) to the real owners of contents if either the image you used or texts isn't your own original work.

When I first Joined the hive blockchain, I was poor in coding and didn't know how to show a simple coding performance.

yet being round here has brush my oblongata and make me good, and having experience this means so much to me, because, I am conversant in some coding area and can easily use it elsewhere.


being crafted and Original:

Being here has make me understand the power of contents owners.

I became to see originality of contents as the power of the world.

But, before I didn't used to acknowledge anything written anywhere.

I was just like, this and that, you can take it anytime you want.
But now, I came understand the power of contents owners.

It also an experience for me that if you own contents that you own power.


Culture and the way of life of others hivers:

Culture is the way of life of the people.
Seeing many people from different Countries has taught me a lot about their way of life.

Each and everyday I learnt something from others, either in their ways of life or how he / she make his living or how he behaves with people around him.

This is also a nice feelings for me, since I can't be in many places at times, seeing the world in one screen is amazing.

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