HI FROM HIVE - Hive Has Changed Me For The Better

Hive is one of the best things that has happened to me

That might even be an understatement when I tell you my Hive story and my experiences here since I started this journey. I started blogging last year and couldn't write even up to a 100 words of my own, I was not so good at writing until I joined a blogging platform which encouraged me and opened my mind to learning blogging better.

But tell you what! Hive made it even better for me by making me more determined and consistent with my learning.

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Thanks to @kenechukwu97 who guided me on what Hive is and helped me join, explore and make my first post on Hive. My journey on Hive started about six months ago and it has been an amazing journey since then. The first week of my Hive journey, I was reluctant to start blogging because I felt like a really bad writer when I saw so many good blogs from other writers. Hive has so many good writers that flood the platform with articles that would either teach you or even blow your mind. I decided to start blogging and it has been amazing since that decision.


The blessed me joined Hive at a time you'd call "The right time" because I joined just when a Newbies initiative organized by @starstrings01 and @aliento was about to start and I made an application for it. My newbie experience on Hive went really smooth because I got the right amount of support from the newbies initiative and also got to meet a lot of newbies with great mindsets. Hive always find ways to guide new people joining the block chain if they would want to be consistent and stay with Hive, I'm a testimony to that.

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Another amazing thing that happened in my Hive journey was discovering the POB community, amazing POB authors like @wiseagent @mineopoly @wongi @fushee and a lot of others who made my experience at the community wonderful. I've been into so many activities with them and I must say they make things happen in the POB community especially with their level of engagement. The community has also made me discover more about what I could think about to write on, I find myself doing more with my brain than I ever thought I could.

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Contests are almost everywhere and that's an amazing thing about Hive. Hivers share to support others and people grow through those contests to also keep the support going especially for new members. Participating in so many contests on Hive has also helped to broaden my knowledge in so many topics to write on. Through those contests, I've become more inquisitive to learn so many things as much as I can, I've met so many friends who I engage with almost everyday and these contests also help me grow my account and earnings.

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I can't find an amazing thing and keep it to myself. Since I learnt of the many opportunities that are on Hive, I try my best to bring my friends in the real world so they could have a taste of Hive experience. I have succeeded in bringing some of my friends @shezfave @ssharonco and @otuyanancy to Hive. They aren't so consistent but I'm not letting them be, I'll keep telling them about Hive and how to go about it to be better Hivers. Being able to bring new Hivers to the block chain is one of the most fulfilling thing I'll keep doing on Hive.

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It might be true that so many if not all, joined Hive for the earnings including myself but that thought changed when I experienced more than just an earning site. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were my favorite apps without any earnings from them and I was consistent with them until I discovered where I could blog and earn. I have earned so much from Hive that I wouldn't have been able to earn if not for blogging. I started from a 0 HP to being a minnow and I'm still growing... It has been a fruitful six months for me.

I'm so not the investor type until I joined Hive and learnt about staking or power up. I stake more than I take for my offline expenses, and that is because I want to grow my account to also support others like I was supported. I've learnt to power up to grow my HP, stake so much POB and many other Hive engine tokens to keep growing my support capabilities on Hive. Learning never ends and I tend to learn more about the investing aspect from stake experts here on Hive.

My experience on Hive has been amazing and I can't wait to tell more people about it and what it has done for me.

Hive has changed me so much and guess what! I love these changes so I'll keep Hiving to unravel more changes in me.

This is my entry for the HI FROM HIVE Contest organized by @livinguktaiwan


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