Introducing the Hi From Hive Community

Many Hivers are making a lot of effort to onboard new users to Hive. The other week I was thinking, what if we could get every Hiver to talk about their own Hive experience and share it with the world? This would make the whole Hive story much more personalised and add a human touch to it. Reading first-hand Hive experience from a real person could potentially make a massive difference in onboarding new users or not. And, what if that Hiver lives in the same country or even city? Perhaps that person would think "Wow! It's actually happening in my city, I want to be part of that!"

That's what inspired me to create the Hi From Hive community.


Many of you will know that I am part of the @pinmapple team, so I thought, why not use Pinmapple to achieve my aim? My vision is that existing Hivers will write about their views and experience of Hive and pin that onto the map creating a Hi From Hive Map. As more Hivers post about it, the pins will increase to show the breadth of the users around the world.

We can share the map on social media or whenever we tell people about Hive. Maybe those people are interested to see who's from their country or even home city. They can click on any pin on the map, and it will take them to that Hiver's post. They can see for themselves what Hivers say about Hive (good things I hope!!). I mean where else, and how else can you see so many Hive testimonials in one place? How cool is that!!!


Here's what the Hi From Hive map will look like when it is loaded with Hi From Hive posts. People can zoom into any area, click on a pin and it will take them to the Hive post. The link for the map is, you can share this link with people.

YOU can help grow this map

20200821 2.png


- Write a Hi From Hive post about your experience of Hive for non Hive users.

What is Hive to you? What do you do on Hive? Blog? Vlog? Share your art or music? Invest? Are you a dev geek? A gamer? A political or crypto analyst? Are you here to meet more people? Or do you just have nothing better to do in life? How does Hive differ from other social media or blogging websites? How easy or difficult was it for you when you first joined?

- You can talk about how Hive has changed your life

What did you learn from being on Hive? Did it enable you to complete an ambition eg develop an app, sell your art, launch a project? Do you rely on Hive earnings for a living? Are your closest friends all on Hive now? Did you use Hive earnings to make a major or extravagant purchase? Did you travel to a new place because of Hive? Have you found new hobbies or interests through the Hive community?

The above are just some examples. You don't have to talk about those specific points. Everybody's experience is different, be creative, and be yourself. That's Proof of Brain, and that's what Hive is all about.


  • This is NOT your self-introduction post. Unless it's relevant to your Hive experience, don't talk about which University you went to, how many siblings you have, and the name of your pets. It's not about you. It's about your experience on Hive
  • Only one post from each account please. If you have encountered a very different Hive experience when living in different places these few years, feel free to do a separate post. Otherwise, if it's not location specific, please keep to one post only. Attending a Hive meetup in another city doesn't count as a separate location specific Hive experience
  • This isn't a curation program from Hi From Hive or Pinmapple. But if you write a really good post, you could get support from OCD. And as usual, good content may be well supported by the rest of the Hive community
  • You don't have to post from the Hi From Hive community created/hive-104601 though it helps to keep all the posts in the same place

And, the two most important things to note

  • you have to use the hifromhive tag in your post otherwise it won't appear on the Hi From Hive map
  • you have to pin your post on Pinmapple to get onto the map. Here's how to do it
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get Code at the top
  3. Enter your location in the Search for a location box
  4. Or you can zoom in the map to find your location. For security reasons, don't search for your home address. Search for a landmark in your town/city/county/state and click on it.
  5. You will now see a pin on the map and a bit of code at the bottom of the screen that looks like [//]:# (!pinmapple 26.517100 lat -38.060485 long d3scr)
  6. Copy and paste that entire code from the Pinmapple website onto your post. Note that every code is unique as it represents your place, so make sure you use the above method to get it. Don't copy someone else's.
  7. Make sure to add the hifromhive tag to your post and publish your post when you're ready !!!

Last and not the least

  • thanks to @martibis for allowing me to use Pinmapple for this
  • and a massive thanks to @doze for designing the Hi From Hive community logo and all the awesome graphics. You are free to use these in your Hi to Hive post.

Let's all put Hive on the map and tell the world about it!!!!!



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