When I first read this contest, I thought that two months on Hive community wasn't enough to share anything with everyone. I found myself that I haven't done anything on Hive yet. I see this as an opportunity for me to read other's experiences, from which I know what I should do, what I need to do, where I am lacking, adjust and improve myself. But after @livinguktaiwan's suggestion, I realized that the value I have received from Hive over the past two months is more than enough to share with Hive and everyone here. It is an opportunity for me to introduce myself again, to share my own feelings and lessons with everyone, and it is also an opportunity to say a big thank you to Hive and all friends.
Who am I, and How was my Hive discovery?


I'd love to re-introduce myself. My name is Kim Loan, and I come from Vietnam. A small country but beautiful. A country with a rich culture, impressive history, and people rich in hospitality. My life was inherently heavy and boring until @trangbaby brought me to Hive - my new world. My first post on Hive was an introduction to myself my first post on Hive. At that time, I hadn't realized what Hive was and did not know how to refine my writing.
After watching around Hive, the first community that caught my eye was @haveyoubeenhere. I am deeply impressed with the landscape, about the values that mother nature has bestowed on our earth through the articles that everyone share here. They attract me strongly. Haveyoubeenhere community is like a ship that takes me around the world, letting me know many new places that I didn't need to set foot in. I admire everyone's worthwhile journeys.
But behind that admiration was my disappointment. I thought I wouldn't be able to become a hive member. I think I can't continue to write anything more when I don't have an impressive photos in my hand. I have nothing to share with people but writing, writing - that's the only thing I have.
Then, I talked to Trang, and I realized I was wrong. Hive is a colorful world, with not one but many interconnected combinations. Each with its values, and those values are what I must assimilate, discover, and could even contribute.
Trang tells me about @Foodiesbeehive. Where I can share recipes with everyone, and I can learn how to cook from another. I'm eager to post my second article about my hometown's specialty food in this community.
Then I was introduced to the motherhood community, where I could share everything about motherhood. In the future, this will be the community I am most attached to because I already have two children, and I have many things that I’d love to exchange and learn from everyone.
When I had nothing left to write, Trang told me about the weekly contests of the Hive communities. @Ladiesofhive is the first community I wrote to enter the contest. This is my first post on Ladiesofhive my first entry on Hive, and luckily I won the week's winner. It was a big turning point in my journey to Hive. After that time, I realized that even though I didn't have a quality image in my hand, I was still Welcome. Everyone was interested in my story, and my words touched them heart. It was a spiritual encouragement to me, motivating me to continue my loving journey with Hive. I'm happy to be a member of @laidesofhive. Their support has given me more confidence in my journey to conquer Hive. After that, I continued to participate in @Hivegarden’s contest and @galenkp's contests on @theweekend, and @cinnamoncupcoffee. All of them give me interesting experiences.
Recently I have known @phortun and his challenges, all the contests he created are very interesting. I also find out @hivecrossculture community (where I can share the beautiful culture of my country with international friends), @aseanhivecommunity (where I can share interesting things related to Asians). And @onchainart community (where I can admire and share with everyone about painting because I love drawing). All my articles get attention and welcome from everyone, I’m glad about that.
I want to say that: On Hive, whoever you are and whatever you have, you are still always welcome. If you are active enough and passionate about what you are doing in the Hive community, everyone will recognize your own values. When I realized that my journey to conquer this new world was not as easy as everyone else's, I also knew that I needed to try harder. And I didn't give up.


Gifts from hive
What I got from Hive was more than I expected. I call those gifts hive gives me. I'm an HSP, a person with a high emotional quotient. I always have a lot of emotions and thoughts in my mind, without Hive, without being expressed in words, I would be very stressed with the current life.


Thanks to Hive, I have some control over my emotions. I spend more time observing the world around me. Instead of being sad with fatigue and worries, I let my heart fall to the wind, look at the sky when thinking about @Lovethecloud community, observe the lives of cute little animals when thinking about @featheredfriends, and @Hivepet. I began to care about every breath of nature, thinking about good stories and good relationships. My soul suddenly became lighter and softer. I realized that life is beautiful, meaningful and has so many things to cherish.
Joining Hive, I feel like I have an encyclopedia in my hand. I learned many things, and I discovered many things from everyone's valuable posts. Hive takes me beyond national borders, not with my feet, but I can still know more places, make many new friends. The connection, exchange, and sharing with friends here made me forget about other social networks that I am using, such as Facebook, WeChat, etc.
In addition, thanks to Hive, when I first learned about digital currency, I got more income. That's something I never thought of before. Hive brings me values both physical and emotional.

Objectives and quests on Hive
My goal and mission on Hive is also the message that @trangbaby always says to us. Trang always wishes to build a quality Vietnamese Hive community, which is welcomed and loved by international friends, contributing to the building and develop a strong Hive community. Ever since I started joining Hive, I've always been well aware of that and always tried to do the best things I can, as I don't want to disappoint her wishes. So my goal on Hive shortly is nothing but to try to do better as a member of Hive Vietnam in particular and the Hive community in general. I want to share the values ​​of hive with all my friends. Try to work with everyone to build and develop an increasingly prestigious and sustainable hive community. I don't know if I can contribute much, but I will try to do what I can.


So my first task now is to exchange, learn and share to achieve that goal. I will try to make more friends, discover new communities. Try to bring to the community the shares and valuable, quality articles. Try to spend more time reading and learning. Everyone's Hive posts are of great value in terms of both content and images, both in terms of literature and art. If I don't take the time to absorb, feel and respond, it will be a waste. I hope all the newbies who join the Hive later than me will also take their time to explore everything here, not just sharing.

Say “thank you” from me
My journey to discover Hive - my new world without everyone's support here, there would be no results and no meaning. So through this post, I want to thank many people.


  • First of all, thanks to @trangbaby who brought me into this colorful new world. She was enthusiastically guided and ready to answer and explain my stupid questions. Without Trang, I wouldn't know Hive. Trang has given me a very effective remedy for my sensitivity and stress. Thanks to Hive, my soul suddenly became lighter and gentler. A big thank you to Hive and to Trang.

  • Thank all friends in the Vietnam team. I'm happy to be a member of the @Hivevn team. Everyone on the team always takes the time to support newbies like me. That's very much appreciated. Especially Mr @jacuzzi. Although I don't talk to him much, I always appreciate his enthusiasm for our team.

  • Thank @livinguktaiwan for this contest. Thanks to this contest, I was startled to realize that it's been almost two months since I joined Hive, but I haven't had a single post to express my feelings about Hive, noting the practical values that Hive brings to me. That was a big shortcoming of mine. Your contest was helped me recognize and correct this shortcoming of mine.

  • Thank you to all friends who have always followed, supported, and shared with me. My articles will not have any value without everyone's attention and follow-up. I am really grateful all of you take the time to read and comment on my posts. Although I am a newbie, still being accepted by everyone, it is a great encouragement for me. Thank you very much!

  • And finally, thank you to everyone who is a member of Hive for always sharing helpful information on this community, making Hive become a place of real value. I have learned a lot from your sharing.

Oh, I thought I had nothing to say, but now my post is too long. I'm not sure if anyone will finish reading this post, but I still want to write down my thoughts to make sure that nothing is missing when I think about Hive - my new world.
This is my entry for Hi from Hive Contest. Thank you for your reading! Have a great time on Hive! Much love from me.💚🖤💛
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