Hi everyone! It's miessyonpeakd here. I have been reading a lot of different entry stories under this initiative "Hi From Hive". Then, I think about sharing my story too. So, here we go...

It's been five months since I started blogging here on HIVE.

First, I was a bit skeptical when @purepinay introduced this platform to me. I was like.. Okay? Really? I'll do it soon or maybe later. I never had any background or knowledge about crypto or blockchain. @purepinay didn't give up on me. She was very patient all the way. Waiting for me to be ready. But, since she's a bit busy with her Momma duties. I didn't bother her. I just do the things that she instructed me as she said just read it there and follow the instructions. And yes! I did it. Signing up and ready to write. 🥴😁

She was even surprised when I followed her on Hive and posted my first blog.


Since we're not neighbors anymore. HIVE KEEP US MORE CLOSER to each other than ever. 😻

I joined around May but started writing the first day of June this year with the guidance of @purepinay.

My relationship to hive is somewhat like a my fresh morning coffee ☕ It's the very first thing I'll check on as soon as I wake up. Checking what my favorite peoples on list have been posted while I had my long sleep during the night.

What is really Hive to me?

Hive is a place wherein I can share my wonders and wanders to people within this community. I write different things under the sun. So, I guess wonders and wanders is the right term that to use.

I told myself to only focus on writing blogs about my cats. Then I realized, there's more than that which I can share about aside from my precious kitties.

Well, I don't really have special talent to share to my readers. But, the satisfaction of bringing my followers to travel with me through my blogs.

From this platform. I'm able to meet new people from different backgrounds, race and experiences. I still have an awe everytime I read peoples experiences, their interest, thoughts, feelings, opinions, their journey and more.

It feels like reading someone's diary from time to time 💗

Hive really helps me cope up with the pandemic. Especially that I am not from Cebu and my family lives quite far away. It helps connect with people around the globe virtually. It gives me chance to meet more amazing, genuine, happy faces within this community.

I learned a lot along the way. Not only with crypto currency, blockchain and more.

I build friendship and family with these people within this community. And that's the consequences of joining HIVE.

Meeting NEW PEOPLE who became FRIENDS that turns FAMILY 💖



My five month journey wouldn't be happier without these people. I can't mentioned everyone since we are quite a lot. But the thing the hive taught me is that this is not just a crypto blogging platform. It also unite people from different backgrounds and professions.

You don't need to be a professional writer to be a part of it. You just need to chill, learn, explore and the most important one having fun. When you like and love what you do! Everything goes like you're just having fun.

The thing with my @hivecebu community is that they are not this typical group that talks about one thing at once. Not a typical group who talk about how much we earned from our blogs. We mostly talk about food, our lives and things to do to make this community stronger.

Now, I finally have more Cebu people friends around that I can hang out with and some virtual hivers from different parts of the world whom I get to connect with on daily basis.

Super grateful for @purepinay for introducing this platform to me and to others. For always checking on us from time to time and for believing in us. This community @hivecebu pals wouldn't be exist without her efforts. The genuine relationship we all both shared and the joyous memories we made and will about to make 💗

Looking forward to more months as my hive journey continues...



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