Thank you my Hive Family | #hifromhive

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Ola! Hi! I just celebrated my 2nd-month hivesary a few days ago. Let me share with you how "Hive" adds more colors to my day-to-day life. I am no writer by profession but it seems to talk is my secret weapon, my idea of blogging was just taking photos. I never thought that blogging was expressing yourself and sharing your views & opinions, and everything in-between.

I am beyond grateful that I am part of this growing community where everything is appreciated and supported. I love sharing my interest in plants in amazing nature, and so excited to share my collections with my fellow hivers who so love nature and creations. I can openly share my thoughts of life, my failures, my dreams and inspire them about life.

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The joy of writing helps me a lot, being a full-time working mom is really stressful at times being connected and be able to express "me" on this platform is just lovely! Sharing my life & love experiences is a relief from my baggage, kidding... I am blessed with such wonderful team leaders that guide me on how to use this platform with high respect and core values.

I love food, fashion, travel & adventure, nature, and more that I am proud to share here with the Pandemic situation worldwide, Hive has been my gateway to exploring other countries through their posts. There are so many places unexplored, I am looking forward to visiting them soon especially Mexico. I love their rich culture and fashion, during my younger days I am a fan of "Thalia", and her telenovelas, and I want to experience what they called
"Día de los Muertos" or day of the dead.

I hope to share more of my thoughts and experiences here, thank you #hifromhive for this contest that I can express my heartfelt gratitude from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️


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