My Urban Exploration - the Jerusalem slums.

I loved to find and photograph this kind of slums in every place I visited ever - In Ethiopia and Barcelona, in Geneva and Prague. Two weeks ago I found this leaving place in Jerusalem. I walked the street very close to these buildings a hundred times. I never knew how its look inside. That there is an internal long yard with many stair entrances rising to the floors of apartments.


I even don't want to think and to talk about what kind of people the society pushed to this place altogether - to live like a separate group, despite that this place located in the center of Jerusalem and from the first sight it should be very comfortable due to the closeness to every attraction of the real city life. Not sure if these people use these attractions.


I was moved by the curiosity of a little bit better understanding of the anthropology of the societies. I heard the voices that rang out from these windows. the music flooding from the same windows and really sometimes I saw the dwellers coming and going. I was not wrong about what kind of people inhabited the cells of these slum buildings.


I only know that they never choose this "by design", but our society designed for them these ugly living places and pushed these people to stay stuck between bureaucracy, governments, police, and finally the other people having some more privileges and justifying the existence of such slums.


Possible that interest is fueled by the history of my life when I spent 26 years of my life in some kind of 4 floors long buildings, looking like arracks - 6 entrances, 4 apartments at every floor - 120 small cells of the families living like one big Bee hive,
when you know everything about your neighborhoods because of the special feature of the walls - their excellent sound transmission. But this is just the start of another long story.




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