Tales of the Urban Explorer: Burnt Farm

Burnt Farm should not be named so; this was supposed to be a miraculous find, a time-capsule off the radar filled with memories, nostalgia, 17th-century firearms, and gold medallions.

Once again thanks to @anidiotexplores who managed to prize this one out of someone at possibly great expense?


...'just look at that sight. We could not wait to explore all the nooks and crannies'...

Farms generally include a free walk as part of the deal and this was no exception to the rule. It was not a bad day though the clouds were looming, the worst part having to tolerate my comrade’s terrible singing.


I do love the UK’s public footpaths. We could have been having a casual stroll and Farmer ‘Interfering’ Giles can’t do fuck all about it.

In other words, it raises no suspicions… that is until we neared the target.


Time-capsule my arse! My images of a fantastic find were collapsed and firmly put into perspective.

Another bloody derp and this one looked like some cardboard house that had sections removed from it.


’the problem with these kinds of gates is that although they look quite easy to climb there are sticky metal things on the top that cut open your clothes and skin. I do speak from experience’…

We looked for a different approach and after almost sinking into a sly sneaky swamp that may have contained man-eating crocodiles... the outer perimeter was breached.


The farmhouse, was it once a farmhouse? was scorched so bad that only part of the four walls remained. Was it bright yellow to begin with?


Old farmhouses are generally old and yet this looked anything but that.



As usual for rural locations, no information could be gleaned as to the fate it encountered in the past.


Moving from the house to the outhouses had yet another layer of protection in the form of a large fence, sporting a massive hole. Thank you very much you considerate vandals, we will take full advantage of the situation.



The cars looked like the ones I saw at Preston Motor Village last year, that is seriously scorched. There must have been some large major fire here.

The surrounding buildings had fared a little better and there was a little to see at least.




Even some of the barns had been burned, though there was little to burn. It was one of those 'Reservoir Dogs' locations again but missing the chair.




The van had suffered but the combine harvester only partially. I have never seen one of these so close up and was curious.

After trying to jump into the cockpit I discovered there wasn’t actually one left. That half of the harvester had been burned.


The seat is up there..., that uncomfortable metal thing. Maybe it was covered in cloth once but it does look a bad location to place your arse while feeding grain to the fields.


In yet another barn we found a hopper. If I was a farmer I could explain what one of these is, but unfortunately, this is not so.



Keeping well away from this heavyweight thing that might crush me, I photographed it gently.



This metal contraption somehow reminded me of a pig. Is it just me and my imagination?


The buildings around the doomed farmhouse looked typically old and what I would expect. Was the original building re-built?


I’m sure this farm machinery that survived the blaze has some value. I was a little edgy in here remembering the gate and how new it looked.

Farmers don't take kindly to trespass and I didn't want a 12-bore pointing at my arse with a screaming 'Giles' squinting down the sights in concentration.


We did notice a few people passing by but I suspect they were just walkers. You do learn to duck often regardless.

Burnt Farm was a little different but quite bare. I was hoping for more in the out-buildings. Now for that one-mile walk back to the car.


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