Introducing : '' - a HIVE Front-End.

For a while, I have been deliberating about expanding my content outside of HIVE. While in Bangkok, @for91days told me to set up my own Urban Exploration website which I mulled over for too long.


It all seemed like a lot of work, duplication of content, and all those images. How much would it cost to host them?

@dizzydiscovery suggested that I could either do it this way (at extra cost) or simply add links to HIVE thus producing a better front end.


I went for the latter option and have been working hard on it just to get something usable. We can all agree that the presentation of HIVE, especially when it comes to older articles is terrible.

The search function appears to be no better than it was on old Steemit. What I wanted was an easy way to see my older work without having to search too hard.


So I present to you, A front-end for HIVE on which ALL my explores can be found easily by categorisation.

This does not mean I will cease to exclusively host my content on HIVE first, it simply works in parallel to the blockchain, and clicking an explore will open a session.


I’m hoping this non-alien method of viewing may attract some non-HIVE people to what we know as home.

To date, I have been on just over 200 successful explorations, with 159 of them published on the HIVE blockchain.


The other 41 have yet to be written up. The stories take time to craft and hopefully reading them will NOT send people to sleep with boredom.

As well as this, I have failed to get in many places but have still documented what I found. It serves as a reminder that I can retry later if I happen to be passing by.


Not to blow my own trumpet, but I feel that nobody else in the UX world (except perhaps @grindle) writes in the style I do, combining the photography, personal story, minimal profanity, and drama of each little mini-adventure.

While developing my writing skills, I looked at the reports of other explorers on the likes of and while factual, they seemed so stodgy.


Why not inject a little sardonic humour into them I was thinking? Everyone was ever so serious. What makes the world go around is smiles and laughter.

I hope to keep you all laughing. I know some of my collaborative explorers appreciate my weird slant on the 'Tales' I write.

I hope to keep doing it until I'm too decrepit to continue.

image.png is far from finished, contains around 36 of my stories, and has sections that still need more work.


I will shortly be adding Google Analytics to it, and email support. Let me know what you think of the presentation!


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