The CM10 - or This Sh*t Just got real

I just Might have

Bitten off

More than I can Chew.

In one bite.

Ok I have to start by saying this is gonna have to be split into 2 posts. Trust me it aint cheatin. I cant cram more into one post without sacrificing quality.

There are too many photos, too many words and I want to share all the fun. Well most of it anyway.

Today This shits gonna get real, That's right were heading to the big city.

Lannemezan, With just over 7000 Inhabitants. It has one of Frances Biggest and baddest Supermax Prisons, A fibreglass insulation factory, and its home to one of the largest abandoned places I've ever been.

Seriously this place is huge, Immense, Simply put Majestic.

This trip started with a close friend of mine saying something along the lines of-

Oh so you like Graffiti and old places you need to go to the CM10.

What the hell is the CM10 I ask.

Oh its an old abandoned Military place, It closed when I was Younger.

Oh Ok, I'll go check it out.

Conversation over. Sounded promising but I was expecting a few old buildings and maybe some fences. So that's where I went today.

A 20 minute drive and we pull up at the end of the road...We arrive here.

This is not what I was expecting...

Let me introduce you to The Centre de Mobilisatieur CM10. Built in 1951 and abandoned in 2000.


Dammit I haven't even shaved... I think I'll just ignore that.

Obviously sometimes not looking your best for the cameras is a good thing.

Consisting of 8 Huge Buildings Comprising of 38 Individual Hangars and Numerous outbuildings, Houses, Communal showers you get the idea.


It covers in total All the Typical things you'd expect to find. In A military Facility.


The First Hanger Instantly gives perspective to the size of the place. At this point I'm starting to realize this might take A while.


This looks like it might have been the check in desk? No one here so I guess We will have to carry our own baggage.

That review is going on Trip Advisor.

Time to get back outdoors and have a snoop around.


Once you get back outside your confronted with a building straight ahead. Nicely Tagged.


Looks like a cheerful sort of skull, Lets have a look inside.


Ohhh Look dear! It's a King Size bedroom with a built in disposal unit! Swanky.

Strangely enough The wife wasn't feeling particularly frisky so maybe I didn't set the mood right?

Next time bring candles? Gotcha.

Now Lets take a look at door number 2.


Ok its not a door.

But that looks like a barrier. Its meant for cars obviously and I'm on foot, so its ok right?


Oh yeah now that's A door... I bet I can get through that gap. Sure enough I did. However the Missus @iaura walked around... and beat me to the other side. Appears there was a big opening on the other end.

Oh well.


So this must be where the mechanics worked their magic judging by the ramps and pit. The tire and oil spills are also a good giveaway.


And that's where they stored the batteries while charging. How Interesting... Ok lets move on.


Looks like in the back kids have set up a skate park with ramps and an obstacle course. All made out of the abandoned shit here. Gotta love it.

Guess its On to the next one. Nothin more to see here folks.


Look its a natural place for A greenhouse. The Attention to detail here is amazing. I wonder if the landscaper can give me some tips?


Hmm This rooms a bit stark.
Ok maybe the next one will do the trick.


What a Great spot to find now, I really need a pee. This is perfect.


Ok I think the cleaners might be on vacation too...


Ahh For fucks sake... Someones only gone and nicked the Urinals...

Thats it Im pissin outside. Then on to the next one.

Try and be civilised... (Mutters)


Damn the hits keep on coming.. This place really is amazing. After a few hours we've barely scratched the surface. I don't even think were close to halfway.


Its still going... Did I mention each of these Hangars is over 200 meters long?

Or that I'm starting to think I might be out of shape.

Lets get Onto the next One.


Jeez We parked Halfway up ( After I adjusted the fences slightly) and look how far away the car is... Guess its good exercise.


An Opening! Apparently I squeal like a girl when I'm excited. Just been told. I am Currently very excited. New Pants excited.


Just inside the door there's a Sink, No water or Hand sanitiser tho so I guess Ill just keep dirty paws.


Ok Straight up, I wanted to steal this chair, I Love this chair. This chair is fucking awesome. Any questions?

(No sadly I was not allowed to keep the chair, I even named it Daisy for the color of her eyes.)


Now Leaving a Hangar in a Hangar... seriously that seems redundant.

Is that a Military thing?

Outside I know, I know..
And then ...


Another Big hangar. We've only done one side so far... Well a chunk of it.


It took so long and I took so many photos. Seriously, we got turned around 3 or 4 times in this place. Neither of us are sure where the reception desk is anymore, so I guess we press on.


Niiice, Instructions. I have the overwhelming urge to not read them, must be biological.

What's over there?

So on to the next one...


This place is lit like a museum, So many sky lights. So many works of art.


I'm obviously not going to pay attention to that sign telling me I cant go in now am I?


See I'm a Rebel. Fuck you sign Stencil.


I guess at this stage I realized the walls were going to have to be on their own. As an Individual post.

Literally Thousands of tags and Drawings, Illustrations. Hence why I say 2 Posts. I could do 20 on the Spray here and not run out of material.

Ok lets carry on. Last one of the hangars.


Hmm This one appears to have had an accident. Slightly less, Complete?


Roofs Down,Tiles are literally falling off as I stand here.

So I think I'll give hanging out in here a miss.
Time to head back and start on the other side.


Shit are we this far from the car? That tiny speck back there? I said I was outta shape.... Ah balls.

Well nothing for it. Lets hit the Housing side on the way back.

Still seems a bit of a waste to leave all these places empty...


The housing part somehow seems less welcoming but its still worth a look I reckon.

Would you look at that. The roads still pretty damn tidy


Could pretty much pull up with the movers van and move right in.


Lets see what's in there then.


Ok, That's just a Fuckin mess, I aint sweeping it up. NEXT!


That looks more promising. Looks like the Waltons could be setting out lunch.


Sweet the whole entryway is tiled. I knew this place had class. That's an improvement.


The back room is spacious and recently decorated.




Either the Riot police got lazy or the kids have been makin forts...


Ok. Guess Military family's needed lots of communal showers and toilets?
Ok for now one more and I promise I'm done. Honest.


Swanky, and the door is open. Lets go take a peak.


Guess its missing an elevator but anyone else feeling the whole Shining x serial killer Vibe.


I'm Really digging the wallpaper here. I might need to call their interior decorator.


Look they even had their own bar. Lucky bastards. Sadly nothin left to serve I'm thirsty.


What's this a strangely well lit basement!

Oh great apparently I'm on My own now cause this place is creepy. Cheers dear. Guess this is why I usually do trespassing on my own.

Down I go on my lonesome....


To find what's usually in a basement.

Ok Anticlimactic. No pile of human bones, no strung up shackles... Not even a Sex dungeon.

I guess its time to hit the bricks.

Six hours here so far and I could easily spend another Six.

In the words of Arnie,
I'll be Back.

Thanks for joining me here and I tried to share a bit of everything. If you've ever got a half day to spare pay a visit, and your in the area Id recommend it.

Its apparently all gonna be demolished soon. You know condemned...Etc.

But join me tomorrow for the Artistic stuff. I got bags 'o tags and tons of fun coming your way.

Seriously don't miss it. I promise its worth it.

I don't like to tag up, But a huge thank you to @grindle and @slobberchops. You guys have been instrumental In my B&E adventures.

So Donkeyshines!

Now as per usual...

FUN Facts and HISTORY!

This site has been used as a Military Training Camp since 1862 and was established by Maréchal Niel, In 1868 it even hosted Napoleon the 3rd. Not Live at the Apollo but still, Its Napoleon right?

After It was maintained as a Training ground for the Hussars of Tarbes until the First World War.

In 1935 The first of the current buildings was built and used to construct an Store Ammunition and Artillery produced Here.

WW2 was the typical shit storm.

Then Finally in 1951 all the other buildings went up. As you see it today. (Guessing it was in much better condition then)

Then in 2000 It shut permanently.

What you see above is what's left.

All Photos taken by me on My Chinesium Phone A Xiamoi Mi 11 lite, And the missus Lent me hers when I ran outta battery.

16 days now, And That was fun as hell.

I decided I'm going to have a bit of fun on this 30 posts in 30 days. I'm going to do a post 31, and a giveaway on the 31st post, cause some months have 31 days or so I've been told.

In spite of my rough and ready appearance I'm an Antique dealer I know I already said it.

So it'll probably be old shit in your mailbox.

Stay tuned and engage down below . For every post from day 1 if you comment on it you will get one entry and a chance to win.

Then at the end of the 30 posts, on day 31 There will be a random raffle you will get a chance to win....

Really cool old shit.

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