Ok Now I want in on the action...

Well after seeing so many really cool urbex or urban exploration posts on here, I thought he why not give it a shot. Do some trespassing of my own.

However as I live in the middle of nowhere there's nothing urban about it. I think I need to change the name a bit.

Countex? Nah that sounds like a really bad crypto exchange...

Cuntex? That's what the count in country sounds like... But maybe its a bit too rude?

Nah fuck it, I'm a Cunt and I'm exploring so here we go.

@Rubidos First Cuntex.
Things Might get a bit hairy.

So just a few miles down the road from me is an old wreck of a place I've often wondered about as I walk or drive past. Usually its behind electric fence wire keeping sheep in but not too long ago those pesky electrified cables have been removed.

Leaving it open, tempting me from a distance. Lets have a walk and see what there is to see.

Well so far so good. Its still standing and just seems to have sprouted a bit more on top.

Looks like someone has recently put a fence up.

I guess I should go around the other side and find a way in.


Hmm looks a wee bit overgrown and those brambles are looking a bit, well spikey. Maybe I should just head home. You know mark it down as an attempt.

No, come on its a 30 minute walk. Fuck it in we go.


Ok further off the beaten track the brambles are getting worse, I am heavily questioning my motivations here. Seriously I have thorns in my balls. Why Have I done this to myself?

Well I'll be damned there really is a house in here.


The brambles are thinning out too! It must be my lucky day.

Maybe this Cuntex is going to be a success after all. That big black hole appears to be a doorway, time for an inspection.


Yup definitely a door and its wide open and looks inviting after all these thorns. Imma get inside and be nosey.

<-- To the left
Ok Looks like teddy might have fallen a bit short during his attempt to escape. Or maybe it was foul play. I guess we'll never know.

Once you get inside its basically a straight forward layout, no hallway Just...

Now whats to the right... -->

The kitchen looks nice and homely but it doesn't look like anyone bothered closing the windows around the place.

Its a bit drafty out so I guess Ill just have to man up and brave the chill.


Even has a fully stocked walk in pantry. How fancy is that.

Guess I should carry on and see what's at the end of the place on the ground floor.

Is it just me or is this kind of fun?

Niiicce an outdoor covered terrace. Perfect for having a morning cuppa and watching the sunrise. Even looks like it'll make a more comfortable escape route later.


See its practically a road! I really wish I had tried this direction of attack first. But it should be much better on the way out.

Now lets go see whats on floor number 2!


Ok this picture is blurry,I thought Id taken more than one but I didn't.

O.K. Its really blurry so it looks better in black and white. See its an artistic shot. Up the stairs we go!


Ah dammit... I was afraid something like this might crop up. That doesn't look very safe at all...

Well at least Im here on my own so no one will hear me scream.

Stop procrastinating. Time to get my hands dirty. A bit of scrabbling and grunting and a lot of cussing later...

Well bedroom number one is at the top of the staircase... I mean actually its just at the top. I shit you not.

No privacy here if you happen to be bangin away and ma and pops come up.

What the hell is that reddish pink thing in the bottom corner you may be asking?


Oh My god They Killed MR HOPS!

Its exactly as I began to suspect at the beginning of this little jaunt. This house has been used by some kind of cuddly toy serial killer... Or worse its been used as a sex dungeon for Furrys...

The poor bastard never stood a chance. Stuffing everywhere.

I'll have a drink in his memory later...

Oh Well lets check out the master bedroom.

Its a much smaller room and not a lot to see here, It smells like granny might be buried under the floor boards.

I mean seriously this room honks, I wish Someone had invented smellavision by now.

Imma just scoot over quickly to get a shot of those magazines... cause all my favourite Urbex adventurers on Hive do that. You know who you are.


So looks like people lived here in the 70s. Its startin to get dark out there and to be honest I don't wanna be caught alone in here by whatever did it in for Teddy and Mr. Hops there... So I'm going to make a getaway.

Note to self : take the easier route. Less of those damn brambles.


I even got really lucky on the way out I found a getaway vehicle. A bit of WD40 and duct tape and I think we will be in business. Its a Sweet Ride, Right?

So all in all I've returned safely, I'm home safe and have had a shower. Removed the thorns from my legs and arms, I didn't wait until I got the ones out of my sensitive areas.

I now have packed a backpack with a flashlight and a change of underpants as well as a few essentials. Next time I will be more prepared.

Thanks for stopping by.

I Hope you enjoyed keeping me company on my first Cuntex. Yeah that's what I'm calling it and I'm gonna stick to it.

All photos taken on my chinesium Xiaomi Mi 11 lite

Boom 9 In a row. Just...22...more to go. Aw balls...

I decided I'm going to have a bit of fun on this 30 posts in 30 days. I'm going to do a post 31, and a giveaway on the 31st post, cause some months have 31 days or so I've been told.

In spite of my rough and ready appearance I'm an Antique dealer I know I already said it.

So it'll probably be old shit in your mailbox.

Stay tuned and engage down below . For every post from day 1 if you comment on it you will get one entry and a chance to win.

Then at the end of the 30 posts, on day 31 There will be a random raffle you will get a chance to win....

Really cool old shit.

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