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Hello Hivers

Hello friends everyone, this is my first post in this community, greetings and please direct if there is a mistake I made in this post of mine

This time I will take you around a housing complex area around where I live, where this housing complex has been around for decades, but unfortunately, the company is no longer operating so they are forced to sell all of their assets to other companies, including In this residential complex, there are lots of abandoned old buildings in the housing area, such as schools, multi-purpose buildings and hundreds of company houses.

In the past, not just anyone could enter this housing complex, but for now, there isn't even a security guarding the gate, so anyone can easily enter here, after all, there are still many houses that are still inhabited by former employees

This afternoon my friend and I did a jog at this residential location, and found a building at the end of the road, according to the information I got, this is a multi-purpose building that has not been used since this company was no longer operating, out of curiosity I entered the building this is to look at his condition while resting

I don't know why, as soon as I entered I felt a little goosebumps😅 even though it was still daytime, this place looks a little scary, but some of the paintings on the wall started to catch my attention, so I decided to go deeper

At first I thought this building had two floors, but my prediction was wrong, this building doesn't have a second floor, or maybe there are no more stairs that can be used to go up to the next floor, I don't know exactly about that, because it was my first time going there, this place even though its close to my house

Graffiti almost fills the entire wall of the building, I don't know who learned to make graffiti here, but on the other hand the existence of these paintings indicates that this place is still visited by local children, and some of the paintings also look quite beautiful, with interesting styles and colors to be seen

There aren't many rooms that I can enter, the ruins of the building are also not there, such as roofs and iron, maybe it was sold by irresponsible persons, I don't know about it either, and to be honest, I don't dare either linger here, and return to continue my previous activities

Formerly this housing was famous for its beauty, various types of trees adorned the entire residential area, and the picture above is the view seen from the multi-purpose building earlier, at a glance in the picture above you can see several other buildings that are no longer in use

The company that built this housing was formerly called ASEAN ACEH FERTILIZER which was a fertilizer company, but now all of its assets have been sold and bought by other fertilizer companies which are still active until now. at present, even in these two years, the construction project is almost complete, and this housing complex has also begun to be inhabited by employees who work for the company that bought this housing

This tower is also not in use anymore, and according to statements from people who met, maybe this tower will be torn down later, therefore I deliberately photographed it before the tower really disappeared, and in the bottom picture, it is a school that has been abandoned, but I was forbidden by the people I met to enter the school, because there were many venomous snakes nesting there

This housing is quite spacious, we can even get lost if we go around without a companion who has memorized this location, and at the end of the road, before I actually left the housing, I saw several luxury houses being built, some even already occupied.

This is the house of the employee who bought this housing, and maybe in the next three years, this housing will start to be inhabited and can no longer be entered, but one thing that is very interesting about this housing location, I am truly amazed by the natural beauty it has, very natural and beautiful, even though in every corner there are many buildings that have become rubble, however, the natural atmosphere here makes the atmosphere look alive, even though only dozens of people live here now

So, for this first post, that's all I can share, I hope you like it and see you soon

Note; all pictures were taken with a smartphone camera and edited with lightrhoom + picsart
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