No one puts baby in a corner....

Just a normal farmhouse up a dusty potholed track. I didn't really hold much hope out for this one, but wow was I surprised 😊 As I cautiously pushed open the front door I was greeted by, in my eyes the most incredible kitchen, peeling paint, a once grand aga and bits and bobs of lives left behind..

The lower level had small rooms one with a set of bunk beds in, years ago this wasn't so uncommon with large families..

As I headed up stairs the wall paper bowing to me as I made my way across the landing, the first bedroom once ide imagine the parents room, with the cot beside the bed and the wardrobe with suits and dresses still hanging since the day they were neatly put there.

The calender on the dresser holding the date time stood still decades ago.. An old suitcase in the corner with letters and old cheque books thrown around it..

The adjacent bedroom had nothing but everything in it.. 5 or 6 layers of wall paper falling to the floors a radiator hanging on for dear life and photos dotted here and there hiding amongst the decay..

The landing that led to the bathroom was so funky! 1970s wall paper led the way to a small cupboard..

Damp rat eaten boxes filled half the cupboard.. letters tied in twine.. Little trinkets and buttons on trays.. Birthday cards.. telegrams.. Little envelopes with identification books in them.. photos, letters from a soldier on active duty in the war.. a cupboard full of precious memories now forgotten and left to rot..

As I sat there on my cushion of old newspapers I was filled with stories from lovers overseas excitedly awaiting her soldiers leave so they could be reunited again.. black and white photos of families having fun and the reminder of how tough life was with hand made toys and ration books.. Soon it was time to go, I packed up my Flask, dusted myself off and quietly let my self out, leaving behind the beautiful once loved house that nature herself was now reclaiming...

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