Polyclinic has fallen into a state of neglect


Hi everybody! Here is the Polyclinic in my neighborhood that was closed in 2013 and that looks pitiful nowadays. I used to play around here with other kids and I was even treated here when I was little. As you can see, there is graffiti on the walls, some of the windows are broken, and as it seems some homeless or junkie people might have visited it.


I am quite sorry for this place looking like this right now because this is a place that contains a lot of great childhood memories.


When authorities took this building they first wanted to transform it into an Ambulatory. More recently, it is presumed that this place will turn into a kindergarten. It might be quite terrible for people living nearby and wanting to enjoy their time in a peaceful atmosphere.


However, since 2013 nothing has really happened with this building. Once there was a watchman here which I am not sure if still exists. Instead, you can see a bunch of herby and dirty spots.



Here you can see a bit of the interior courtyard of the Polyclinic. We used to play football and other games on this field when we were kids and of course, all the grass was cut down back then. I remember we were sometimes loudly and people from the Polyclinic would come to tell us to be quieter, but most of the time we took advantage of the hours when no one was working in here. The truth is I don't really get it right now why we felt so free around this building back then, and almost no one telling us to behave or some other things, because I am sure we were disturbing at times. We were also climbing the trees or go to the bathroom for water on the back door.


This is a photo of the building from the exterior, but large areas of vegetation are covering its facade.


Hopefully, the authorities will take care of this building and maybe transforming it into a useful place.

Thank You for reading this post!


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