Game of Dimensions


Our total universe is 4-dimensional, of which 3 dimensions are physical, ie space, while the fourth dimension is virtual, ie time, so we live in a 4D universe, but since man himself consists of 3D, The fourth dimension is not even realized but it leaves its effect completely, now what is 3D and 4D? To illustrate this point, Carl Sagan seems to give the example that suppose a living creature is imprisoned on a page because the page consists of x and y axes (ie length and breadth), so this creature is a two-dimensional (2D) world.
I am imprisoned. A person like us who belongs to the 4D world (which includes length, width, height and time) when talking to a creature imprisoned on a page because that creature on the page is out of the two-dimensional (2D) world If she can't see, she's scared. She's scared of where the sound is coming from.
Now, if the creature imprisoned in the page is lifted out of the page for a while, she will be surprised to see that the height is also something. When she goes back to the page, the people of her world will not. She will be able to tell what kind of world she has seen because she can explain the length and width of the page but she cannot explain the height. This explains why we cannot understand beyond three dimensions. If you have reached this point, then let's move on to the game of dimension a little bit.
String theory is a dizzying theory of modern science.
This theory has the potential to determine the direction of future science as it has the potential to reach the center of a black hole before the Big Bang, which is why we often use string theory to deal with astronomical problems. Are also visible when looking at. Its mathematics is strong, but it is "killed" in the face of observational evidence, so many scientists are reluctant to accept it, but it is possible that many proofs of its maturity will be given to us in the future. Not directly, but from other sources. However, string theory claims that our universe is 10-dimensional. So here the question arises why do we see the universe in three dimensions?
Just yesterday I was reading the closing chapters of a book by Mr. Machiavelli. He said that we live in a four-dimensional world, three of which are physical and one is virtual (time), but the problem is that string theory claims 10 dimensions in the universe, three of which are (height, length). And width) we can see, while we can feel the fourth dimension (time), then where are the other 6 dimensions? String theory says that these 6 dimensions are twisted, which is why we cannot see. It was a strange concept that string theory gave us. What did it mean to turn these dimensions? An example of this is suppose you have a page. We assumed above that a page is actually two-dimensional because it has length and breadth but is equal to no thickness, which is why we consider it 2-dimensional. Now if you roll the page, when you look at it from a distance, you will find page one dimensional because the page theft will disappear and now the length will remain the same, so string theory says that there are 10 dimensions of the universe out of which time Given that physically nine dimensions remain, three of them are flat and six dimensions are curled, which is why we have only three dimensions in front of us, but the mathematics of string theory gives us an indication of the existence of the remaining dimensions. she does. It was a story of dimension.
How can we see all these dimensions? For that we have to get out of the universe. In a hyperspace, beyond these dimensions. Just like the page creators have to get off the page for the rest of the dimensions!

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