Dilapidated Vologda. Upper Suburb-3

This quarter is located at the intersection of Kirov and Proletarskaya streets in the western part of Vologda. There are only a few two-story communal barracks, which are much older and less common.

On some houses there are signs informing about the imminent resettlement and demolition.

The railway is close to this house so close that from afar it seems as if the train will now crash into the house.

Somewhere in the wilds of bushes and vegetable gardens, a one-story house is lost, the fate of which is also far from rosy.

On other houses, I did not see information about resettlement...or did not pay attention.

The fact that soon there will be a wasteland and the houses need to be captured urgently was enough for me.

These barracks have beautiful attics on the second floor.

And judging by the proportion of window openings, the year of construction of these houses is closer to the beginning of the 20th century.

But I don’t like to guess and always check everything!

According to cadastral data, the year of construction is 1971.

Still, dilapidated housing is preferable to capture in a leafless period.

If photographing the courtyards of high-rise buildings is about metaphysics, then photographing dilapidated housing is about dilapidated housing.

This is necessary so that later, when these houses are demolished, it would be possible to roughly estimate how and where they stood.

This series of posts is still a small experiment in an attempt to move from fact to metaphysics.

Yes, the pictures are much more picturesque, but there is no fact.

And the ancestors will need a fact, not an art.

Eternal physics does not work here, it is not needed here...this is not that project.

Although, to be honest, don't you give a damn? Only I decide how it will look! If I want it - it will be a fact, I want it - it'll be a metaphysics...

To be continued...

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