Courtyard spaces. Riverside

While you were admiring the autumn beauty, I have already begun to study the metaphysics of the courtyard spaces of the Riverside part of Vologda. To begin with, let me remind you that the city is divided into three parts, where the Vologda River and the railway line act as dividing lines.

I live in the South-East of the city. It is studied from the South to the North and from the East to the West, that is, as the distance from my home increases.

I have already captured the first two parts with all the microdistricts that include themselves.

The last and, as it seems to me, the most interesting part remains - Riverside.

The part beyond the river includes the districts Riverside, Vodniki, Fryazinovo.

I started directly from the Riverside, namely, I walked through the courtyards along the two streets closest to the river.

Of course, I would divide the huge Riverside part into several more microdistricts to make it easier to navigate...but the question is: for whom?

The locals will understand which streets I have walked. And those who are not familiar with the city will be indifferent to the name of this or that microdistrict.

But I still blogging not only for my readers, but also for myself. This is a kind of diary of life, a chronology, so I will try to break the Riverside into smaller parts.

This piece of neighborhoods with courtyard spaces, which I passed at the very beginning, is bounded by two bridges: from the east - by the bridge of the 800th anniversary of Vologda, from the west - by the October bridge.

This is one of the oldest parts of the city, where there are Khrushchev buildings with panels no higher than five floors.

The courtyards are very similar to the city center, which I really liked. This means that here I also felt myself on the positive wave.

I am already beginning to approach such a state that I want to reshoot some of the places that I shot for a very long time in a newer interpretation, in a new key, with a different renewed consciousness, firmware.

I can simply depersonalize any yard space and shoot them every day!

The main thing is that I feel something from this, so that it somehow influences and develops me.

To be continued...

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