Urban Exploration in an abandoned building in Tirana - Albania 🇦🇱

Hello Hivers,

This is my first post in this #urbanexploration community, and so I am a little bit excited. I must say that this was not a premeditated post, in the sense that I found myself by chance exploring an old abandoned building while visiting the Dajti mountain near Tirana, the capital of Albania.
I actually do not have much information about this place, I also tried to search on the internet if there was any site in which they spoke of this old abandoned building near the mountain, but I did not find anything.

It is located near the cableway which allows you to connect the city of Tirana with the mountain itself through a spectacular descent, and subsequent ascent of course, lasting about 20 minutes, which allows you to admire the entire natural landscape of this wonderful area. As I said before we came across this building almost by chance, while we were preparing to start our trekking on a path indicated by the usual white and red sign, we realized that hidden behind the trees there was this huge building clearly abandoned and from look rather bleak. Obviously this intrigued us, as even my friends, who are local and had already been to explore the mountain, did not remember this place or at least had never visited it.



On the main facade there there are relief of a young man making what appears to be a military salute. Given the Albanian history, where until 30 years ago a Communist dictatorship was in force headed by Enver Hoxha, we hypothesized that it could have some kind of bureaucratic building linked to the regime (even if the fact that the boy salutes with his right arm and not the left one still leaves us some doubts).



Given the time, around 10.00 in the morning, (obviously at night we would never have gone to explore it, also because it seems the perfect place where a horror film could be shot) we decided to go inside and take some photos.

The building is divided into three floors, it is accessed via two stairs placed on both sides, at the entrance there are wooden fences now in poor condition since the building has probably been abandoned for many years, as you can see also by the presence of the vegetation that has now covered part of the structure.




Also inside the situation is similar, the building has been clearly abandoned for a lot of years, apart form occasional visitors (like ourselves) or homeless people.




I have to admit that while walking through the corridors of the building, I couldn't get off my mind all the horror movies that I have seen, imagining to find some sort of serial killer waiting for us in one of the rooms 🤣. Luckily there was no one.

In the following some photos of the various rooms present inside the building.



A gloomy and dark corridor on the first floor.



Fortunately without any surprise inside 😅.







Some of the rooms are also partially paved, showing that when the building was abandoned actually some works were being performed. So probably, as I said before, after the end of the regime the construction of the building was canceled, or maybe simply there weren't enough funds to complete the job (this is something that happens quite oftenly in Albania, due to rampant corruption, where most of the money that is allocated by the state for the construction or improvement of public buildings, is mostly pocketed by privites).





Both exploring the building and writing my first post in the #urbanexploration community have been a really funny experience, and I am sure that this will be only the first of many more. Now I know that whenever I see some abandoned buildings, I will arm myself with a camera (and also courage I think 😂) and I will go exploring 💪.

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