Beef Eagle Hustle Extravaganza

Let's see how far this eagle can soar! 😂 The crypto hustle is real on this one! NFT's and stickers!

I have been selling this design as stickers and a shirt on Etsy and I've finally been convinced to mint my designs as NFT's. I'm starting with this design because it was a collaborative effort. The idea came from @fauxsophisticate and I drew it. If I'm gonna try to make crypto with it, it's more fun to share the wealth with friends!

This hustle has expanded into two new crypto avenues: NFT's and Hivelist!


I already have NFT's for sale on Nftshowroom, but for this experiment I also wanted to try Rarible. So here's what I'm trying out...

Hive Beef Eagle.png
On NFTshowroom I made ONE special gold edition, cause Hive tribe gets the best one! Plus, I will mail you stickers for your purchase :)))))
View it here:

On rarible, I made 20 Blue editions. I'm new there so if you want to help me out you can go there and give my little eagle some hearts :)


For those that don't know, I have started selling my stickers on Hivelist. Today I leveled up my shop so that you can buy variations of the stickers! I love the because not only can you pay with credit card but also HIVE, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USDC! This all gets funneled back to me in HIVE! 💞

I'm still slowly adding my products, but guess who's there now! Beef Eagle 😂

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my beefy hustle!

All likes, follows, and upvotes are appreciated in all locations! Plus, I'm open to ideas and suggestions as I'm still new at this and playfully experimenting.