99 NFT's to Giveaway

Well, this is my second attempt at posting this. After looking for the post everywhere, I think I got glitched out, so here we go again:

I created my second animated NFT, this past week and included a short animation that can be watched via the NFT. It's a Sci-fi STEM storyline all created with computer generated voices and Cartoon Animator software.

"On The Spot" is the cartoon name and the "Insta-App" episode NFT is available to up to 99 people with a WAX wallet via my website: ** Get NFT HERE! https://tinyurl.com/NFTspot**
If you sign up here, not only will I send one of these 99 NFT's to you, ASAP, but you'll be on the list for me to send random future drops.
Please leave your wallet address in the form on my website only, please.
I will update this post when we run out. If it goes well, I will continue the series with more episodes and collectable NFT's on WAX.

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