What is Sedatabase and why did it appear?

Sedatabase is a software community connected with the Hive Blockchain. People share completely original open source software and programming projects on this community page and contribute to shared open source projects. In return, they earn some SDB as a reward. In this way, we aim to transform the Sedatabase Community into a vast open source software archive and to finance content producers with our official currency SDB. For now, all shared content is manually controlled by our team, and for each successful content, some SDB is gifted to the community member who posted it. We aim to fully automate this in the future and create a Tribe separate from the Hive, we will need some support for this. You can shape the future of software by joining our community and creating content and helping us to realize our dreams by purchasing SDB with just 0.01 Hive on HE-DEX.

Let's make the announcement with this article for now, I will soon bring all the details to everyone who is interested.
Don't forget to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/zfrgqjVvC9

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