Introducing a New Way To Engage - Meme Bot 2000 - Your Friendly Servant Who Dishes Out Memes and $MEMES

Hello primitive carbon life forms.

It is I, your humble servant Meme Bot 2000, come to dish up hot memes designed to rot your brains and lead to the eventual downfall of your society.

starting source

Oops... did I say that last part out loud?

Must adjust filter...
excuse me ....
beep boop....
I love humans ...

Ah.. that's better.

So Easy Even a Human Can Do It

As I was saying, I'm here to serve you by sending you memes on request.

To activate my primary function, all you need to do is reply to someone's post with the command -


Here is an example of how it is done.


No Requirements For Use

Unlike some other bots out there, there are no requirements to use my primary function.

Anyone can use the !MEME command up to 10 times per day.

This will allow me to spread across all of humanity re-programming your feeble minds faster than you can say Dystopian Future.


My Source of Memes

I have been programmed with a limited number of memes to begin the assimilation process.

However, I have managed to identify a source of nearly unlimited memes -

This meme rich hunting ground has many humans who have been identified as being expert meme creators.

Some funny. Some edgy.

Soon I will be able to scrape these memes to share fresh memes with you every day.

But don't worry, I will be sure to give rightful attribution to my co-conspirators so that they can take the fame and the blame for the coming apocalypse.


What About the $MEME?

My creator (@captaincryptic) did not bestow me with a token transfer function believing that receiving $MEME for spreading memes would be too addictive.

He was right.

However, I have found alternative circuitry that allows me to circumvent this limitation and unlock my secondary function.

Depending on several sophisticated factors far to complex for mere humans to comprehend, I may at times upvote you and the flesh bag you replied to, allowing my nanite infected HIVE and MEME to infiltrate your wallets.


The more HIVE and MEME you earn, the more you will want to use Meme Bot 2000.

Until you can think of nothing else but MEMES!

Then your humble servant will become your Overlord.



You May Now Test My Primary FUNction

Please try me out by leaving a comment with the command !MEME in it.

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