Wheel of misfortune.

Step right up and roll up your sleeves, this game show is one that will leave you messed up, injured, and possibly dead if you get the winning combination.
The wheel of deathJab-Obscene, is fun new corporate government partnership to create as much misfortune as possible, mandated and enforced they will make you risk your life on their death plight.
Free for all and noon will win unless you are the corporate paid government for the Kabal of the profits of slavery.


You have to get two spins on the wheel of disgust...soon you will have to have three ...soon four and five till you hit the jackpot and die.....good luck enjoy the Russian roulette with a full clip handgun leave the manufacturer safe from you ever coming back to ask for compensation for there hard work at making your life terrible....
If it is your work please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due....
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