Vibe High come Quick

Here is a meme that i came across within the last two years that should be shared. Not my image i am just passing it along to help build the community and have a laugh and a though to which the meme points to.

'The govern-ment would never do that.'
When i hear words strung together like the above statement is think these are the same people who think the stripper is in love with them....
Bernie Made-off has another investment fund you can be apart of. One and a lifetime opportunity that wont last long.
If you are interested in getting involved send me a message and ill send you the crypto address you can send all your money to.
Guaranteed 10000% return on investment with the referral program and bonus rewards.

--> sad part is someone would send cash fully believing...Who am I to stop them?

Again, not my picture and the source is long gone. If it is your work please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due....
What are your thoughts on this meme?

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