ScamDemic Dinner free for all

Image by: Bob Mizer
I am just passing it along to help build the community, have a laugh and add some thoughts to the meme.

Looks like someone is opening up a can of whoopAs...I mean can of BS.
It spreads on bread toast is good in tea or at the office, at the park or on a hike in church or in school, as well as at your place of work and play, effective during play with those people who you humor and those you detest....Take along a can of BS to every event and make sure you are the life blood of septicemic party.
Exclusive product of your local govern-ment for as long as they have exited for. Try some today and then never again. Just two week till we are all sold out.

Get your SCAMDEMIC Today*

*results may vary, see local stazi government for details, my contain death, dis figuration, pain, suffering, and is Guaranteed to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Again, not my picture and the source is under the image.
I am just the vessel to which the words flow out of.

What are your thoughts on this meme?

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