Prime Mistake UnElected

Something this country does not have much of left...oh wait they have already gutted the economy bankrupted the saving of millions and the children still do not have instruments or book...oh wait they burnt the book because someone was offended.
Teachers strikes, for more money and classroom supplies, but there was no money to be had....the Prime Mistake printed billions to pay his mom and crony friends and gave most of the cash away to other countries driving the country further into poverty as he fly's around the country getting heckled and land basted at every stop.
This guys got stupidity to spare, he likely wont share unless it is with his pedo roommate from college.


Here is a meme that i came across within the last two years that should be shared. Not my image i am just passing it along to help build the community and have a laugh and a though to which the meme points to. If it is your work please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due....
What are your thoughts on this meme?

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